Triathlon: First “Super League” in France, Beaugrand and Coninx French hopefuls

It took five years for a French stage to see the light of day, in Toulouse, in a season which saw the event pass through London, Munich, Malibu, Toulouse and which will end on October 29 in Neom, the city ” of the future” still under construction by Saudi Arabia.

Broadcast on L’Equipe at 3 p.m.

In Toulouse this Sunday, Briton Jonathan Brownlee, triple Olympic medalist, will be at the start with his compatriot Georgia Taylor-Brown, silver medalist in Tokyo, New Zealander Hayden Wilde, third in Tokyo, among others. Dorian Coninx and Cassandre Beaugrand, bronze medalists in the relay in Japan, are good French chances. The event can be followed on the L’Equipe channel (channel 21) from 3 p.m.

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Bonuses to match

Super League Perks: Bounties First. The winner of each stage wins $20,000, plus $50,000 for the overall winner. The 1st in the team classification share 120,000, again with decreasing bonuses down to 10th. It is more than attractive in a discipline where income is limited, and at the level of the classic circuit in Olympic format, the Word Triathlon Championship Series (WTCS). “Some athletes derive the majority of their season’s earnings from the Super League, it’s very important for them,” insisted Michael D’hulst in Toulouse.

The other advantage is the format, for the public at least. While an Olympic triathlon is contested over 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running, in that order, The Super League breaks it all down. In Toulouse, the athletes competed at the Port de la Daurade in sprints of 300 m swimming, 4 km cycling, 1.6 km running, to be repeated three times, and in no order.

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“It’s a little stressful to be confronted with sequences that you are not used to. Swimming after running or cycling is especially difficult”

Ideal for the public, the show is intense, fast, free. For the athletes, “It’s a little stressful to be confronted with sequences that you’re not used to. Swimming after running or pedaling is especially difficult, you feel without strength, it’s an unpleasant feeling, ”noted Frenchman Dorian Coninx on Saturday.

He does not usually frequent the circuit and took advantage of a wild card. “I come to have fun, hoping to do something good,” he added, confirming his priority for the classic, Olympic circuit, with his sights set on the end-of-year stages in WTCS which can give a precious ticket. for the Paris Olympic triathlon test event in 2023.

Cassandre Beaugrand, medalist in Tokyo with Coninx, Léonie Périault and Vincent Luis, injured, is like Luis a regular on the circuit. “We sometimes train with short blocks, for speed, so the format is not very disturbing. The transitions in a different order, swimming after another event, you get used to it. »

However, his Toulouse stage corresponds to a goal of “fun, work, representing my sponsor, but my big goal is the WTCS in Cagliari next week, then the final at the end of November in Abu Dhabi, with the test event in Paris. in focus. »

Dorian Coninx

Dorian Coninx


Another advantage of coming to Toulouse, “make the circuit even more international, show our discipline, make triathlon shine, and attract young people. I’m pleasantly surprised by the way, I didn’t expect to see so many people on the Place du Capitole today,” said the French Olympic hopeful on Saturday about the fan zone set up by the organizers.

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Triathlon: First “Super League” in France, Beaugrand and Coninx French hopefuls

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