Unusual: he buys an RTX 4090 on the Internet and receives something completely different…

News hardware Unusual: he buys an RTX 4090 on the Internet and receives something completely different…

We no longer count the number of testimonies of scams on the Internet where people think of ordering an iPhone and receive an old smartphone or packages that never arrive despite the so-called signature of the recipient. But here we were treated to a new victim of organized crime: the RTX 4090.

Wanted: Gigabyte RTX 4090 graphics card is missing

If you are interested in Tech and IT news, you must have heard of the release of the RTX 4090, the most powerful graphics card of all time (pending the tests of the Radeon RX 7950 XT scheduled for the end of the year).

Capable of running any game on the market at over 120 fps in 4K with all the details in ULTRA and even 8K up to 60 fps, the RTX 4090 is above all a card intended for creators and professionals of the video. Sold for €1,949 in its FE (Founder’s Edition) configuration, the latter can go up to €2,400 or even €2,500 with overclocked custom models.

The story told to us today comes straight from the Reddit forums and has taken on an international dimension since the guys at Gamer Nexus decided to get involved.

The mishap that happened to poor “NuclearInnardsBeep” is unfortunately not an isolated case, we see this kind of scam almost every day. At the editorial office, for example, a fortnight ago, one of our colleagues who thought he had ordered a new MacBook Pro finally found… frying pans in his package. He had the presence of mind to open the box in front of the delivery person and the complaint was quickly resolved with a refund. But it’s not that easy for everyone.

However, everything had started well for our unfortunate victim, after having managed to make his way between the shortages and the very many orders, despite a very high price, he thought he could enjoy his purchase when all of a sudden, when opening the package, it came face to face, not with an RTX 4090 but with two blocks of metal of about 2 kilos, instead of the card which weighs a whopping 2.2 kilos.

Neither one nor two, this one, photos and videos the support, before, during and after opening decides to contact the customer service to declare the accident with the Newegg merchant site on which he made the purchase. But instead of seeing his request processed or at least taken into account, NuclearInnardsBeep sees his account deleted manu militari. And while there is no evidence as it stands that it was either a robbery or a set-up, the most disturbing thing about the case is that this is not the first time that Newegg has been pinned for deletions of account after dispute.

Faced with the confusion and distress of the consumer, the teams of the famous Gamer Nexus channel decided to take over to obtain compensation. Courage to him.

Moral of the story, when you order a valuable item, always demand a hand delivery when possible and above all, always open the package in front of the delivery person to be able to make an immediate complaint and prove your good faith.

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Unusual: he buys an RTX 4090 on the Internet and receives something completely different…

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