war on war

published on 01/04/2022

“War on war”, it is with this expression that Jean Jaurès or Clara Zetkin summed up their internationalist, pacifist commitment, opposed to imperialist domination and in favor of the free right of nations to self-determination. It is one of the hearts of communist commitment.

It is more essential than ever. The heinous and completely unjustified decision of the Russian government to resort to war against Ukraine is driven neither by “denazification” nor by “demilitarization”, but a Great Russian chauvinism revived in the rubble and intellectual waste of capitalist restoration.

This invasion is causing a chain reaction, as shown by the conjunction last Thursday and Friday of the NATO, EU and G7 summits. NATO should name one of the rooms in its headquarters in Brussels after Vladimir Putin, who has done more for the Atlantic Alliance and for the resurgence of bloc politics in four weeks than all the òtanians in forty years. The United States, whose imperialism, in the convulsions of capitalist globalization, was seeking re-legitimization after the Afghan fiasco, is returning in force to Europe claiming to want to take the lead of the “free world”. What hypocrisy when it comes to relying on the far-right Polish government and the Banderist militias in Ukraine, whose abuses in the Donbass have been denounced by Amnesty International as war crimes.

If it is midnight to one in the century, it is not yet midnight. But this requires taking a series of political and diplomatic initiatives to stop the warmongering spiral, by concretely attacking the warmongers. The declaration adopted at the National Council of the PCF on March 19 sets out immediate concrete requirements to compel Vladimir Putin to a ceasefire by political, diplomatic and economic means.

Going even further into the logic of blocks runs a clear risk of escalation. The French government must play a determined role, in complete independence, in a negotiated political and peaceful process necessary to end the war in Ukraine and the separatist conflict in the Donbass; as well as in the urgent holding of an extraordinary conference for pan-European collective security, under the aegis of the UN, open to all the countries of Europe, including Russia and Ukraine.

In an interdependent world, everyone’s safety depends on everyone’s safety. The strategic independence of France and that of the European countries can no longer be part of a system that makes them depend on an alliance over which they control neither the direction nor the strategic objectives.

NATO is not a force for peace. By recovering their independence, our country and the other European nations can work towards the establishment of a common pan-European framework of cooperation and partnerships, the primary goal of which must be the preservation of peace and collective security. This is the best way to prevent wars and therefore to ensure the protection of European peoples.

Vincent Boulet
member of the PCF’s International Relations Commission
head of european affairs

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war on war

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