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In recent times, cryptocurrencies have gained enormous popularity and have started to attract many novice and expert buyers and investors. Meanwhile, a debate has arisen over what the terms associated with these digital currencies mean. These include the differentiation between the term ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Bitcoin’ which causes confusion for quite a few people involved in the use of these crypto assets.

Thus, it should be emphasized that Blockchain is a technology while Bitcoin makes the first successful application of it since its appearance in 2009.

In this article, we will therefore focus on clarifying the distinction between the two terms and touching on their characteristics in the world of cryptocurrency.

To better understand, we will go back a little to the context of both the Blockchain and Bitcoin.

The Blockchain: What is it?

The Blockchain is a technology that allows computerized digital payments to be made with a correct and permanent record of the transactions carried out between the two parties. The Blockchain provides a kind of distributed ledger, it allows users to share important data and conduct transactions securely.

Some people may think Blockchain is a brand new technology. This, however, is not quite the case, the Blockchain goes back to the nineties, but it was only popularized with the arrival of cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain can present some difficulties to understand but especially to regulate. It is decentralized and consists of three essential concepts; nodes, blocks and miners.

The nodes: The nodes, i.e. the computers connected to the system, are important to fully understand the decentralization that the Blockchain allows. Through these nodes, no one entity can own or even dominate the Blockchain, which is essential to ensure the integrity of the system and eliminate any risk of privacy breaches through the exchange of information.

Blocks: Chains consist of blocks, and each block contains information about a specific transaction. With a unique hash and nonce, each block is stored chronologically in a linear fashion at the end of the Blockchain. In this way, it is difficult to manipulate the chain or disturb it.

Miners: Miners are users who create multiple blocks, they make graphic resources available to the network to solve complex equations and ensure the functioning of the Blockchain.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to adopt Blockchain technology to enable peer-to-peer transactions. Thanks to the decentralization property of the network, bitcoin offers relatively low fees per transaction compared to other Blockchain platforms that provide similar payment services.

Anyone can buy Bitcoins, just create a Bitcoin wallet, and get the appropriate software to be able to send, store and receive BTC securely. You can install the software in question on your computer, on your telephone or any other equivalent device. The second step is to bitcoin tradermine it or get paid with it to fund your wallet.

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Blockchain Vs Bitcoin: Differences

Other than the regulation of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, the Blockchain can serve several other uses. It makes it possible to execute smart contracts, audit supply chains, ensure transparent management systems, etc.

Blockchain is a technology and several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, use it to ensure fast and secure transactions.

The Blockchain has several uses while Bitcoin is limited to digital currency exchanges.


Blockchain continues to dominate applications and the internet space, and it remains little or unregulated in most cases due in part to its decentralized and complex structure. Therefore, it is therefore essential to maintain a certain caution in its online transactions and to only frequent platforms that are reputable and have great authority to carry out its investments in cryptographic assets.

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What is the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin? – THE [Lyon-Entreprises]

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