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Every Copy Ability you find in Kirby and the Forgotten Land can be upgraded at Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop. For the most part, each ability has two buffs, although the Crash and Sleep abilities only have one. If you are here wondering where to find all blueprint locations in the game.

Including the two spoilers you receive after completing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, there are 24 hidden blueprints to find across the 6 worlds of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Where to find every blueprint in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Each blueprint gives you the option to spend Star Coins and Rare Stones for a more powerful upgrade for one of Kirby’s abilities. We’ve listed them in the order you’ll find them progressing through each level, detailing their exact locations.

If you feel like you’ve missed any blueprints on your journey, you can stop by Wise Waddle Dee near the world map star in Waddle Dee Town and he’ll tell you where to find them.

Chakram Cutter and Volcano Fire Blueprint Locations

After defeating Gorimondo, the first boss in World 1, the Weapon Shop will unlock in Waddle Dee Town. When you first enter the shop, the Waddle Dee in charge awards you the Chakram Cutter and Volcano Fire Blueprints.

Chain Bomb blueprint location


The Chain Bomb blueprint will be given to you on Level 2-4 of Everbay Coast, Fast-Flowing Waterworks. This is the reward for beating a required battle arena and it is practically impossible to miss.

Clutter needle plane location

The blueprint for the first needle evolution can be found in Scale the Cement Summit in Everbay Coast. As you go up the tower, look for a lone bomb block sitting on top of a large metal container. Hitting it will reveal the copy ability upgrade for the Needle Clutter.

Nobler Ranger blueprint location

The plan for the Ranger ability upgrade is scrapped by the Everbay Coast boss. You might recognize Tropic Woods as a version of the classic pattern from the Whispy Woods series.

Toy Hammer blueprint location

In the first level of Wonderia Remains, World 3 of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the Toy Hammer Blueprint is the reward for completing a hidden mission. Water all the faded flowers in the scene to receive it.

Gigantic Sword blueprint location

The first evolution blueprint for the sword is given to you for defeating the Wild Edge in the second stage of Wonderia Remains.

Temporal Crash Plan Location


The Time Crash blueprint is hidden at the end of Wonderia Remains Level 3. To the left of the stairs to the last caged Waddle Dees that complete the level, you can see a hole in the wall with a coin in it. Mouse over there and follow the tunnel to find it.

Fleur tornado blueprint location

At the end of The Wondaria Dream Parade, there is a section where you have to become Water Balloon Mouth Kirby. Towards the end of this section, you’ll need to blast a vehicle to a weak shutter blocking a Waddle Dee. Before crossing the gap to get the caged buddy, blow up another fairground car in the same location and another hidden wall will collapse, revealing the Flower Tornado Blueprint.

Pencil drill plan location

Location: Stage 3-5.

This one is a nice respite from puzzle solving. You will receive the Pencil Drill Blueprint by defeating Clawroline at the end of Wonderia Remains.

Meta Knight Sword Blueprint Location

  • Location: Colosseum reward.

You can get the second sword upgrade as soon as you complete Wonderia Remains. Completing the Third World will unlock the Colosseum and its first competition, the Meta Knight Cup in Waddle Dee Town. Fight your way through six rounds of combat and defeat Meta Knight to earn the Legendary Warrior Sword blueprint.

Dragonfire plane location


The first second tier evolution for your copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land you will be able to find is the Dragon Fire Blueprint. This deadly Volcano Fire ability upgrade will cost a bit more to unlock, but it’s well worth seeking out.

In World 4 Windy, Freeing Seas, you can find it hidden in a chest. A slightly out of the way elevator in the area where you can enter Mouthful mode. Inhale the lift and move completely to the right side of the screen. You will see the chest and can reach it by spitting the elevator to maximum height.

Frosted Ice Plane Location

Defeating the deadly duo of Twin Frosty in Battle of Blizzard Bridge will reward you with this blueprint, finally allowing you to upgrade the ice ability. It will be in a chest once the fight is over.

Homing Bomb blueprint location

The final Bomb Ability evolution is the reward for defeating King Dedede at the end of World 4 Winter Horns. This blueprint will give you bombs that target enemies while retaining the Chain Bomb’s chaining ability.

Crystal Needle blueprint location

The final Needle upgrade can be found in Stage 1 of World 5, Originull Wasteland. After the Fleurina mini-boss encounter, walk just to the left of the battlefield to find a chest containing the Blueprint for the Crystal Needle.

Buzz-Saw Cutting Plane Location


Buzz-Saw’s upgrade to the Cutter copy ability is well hidden in Searching the Oasis. In the second half of the level, you’ll climb through an area full of tall plants and Poison Croakoms creating dangerous patches of land. Be careful going up and you’ll eventually see a broken balcony on your left. Walk towards the gap and you will see a platform below where the chest containing the blueprint is.

Savage Hammer blueprint location

When you fight Wild Bonkers in World 5’s return to the Alivel Mall, you’ll see the awesome power of the Wild Hammer on screen. After being defeated, the mini-boss will drop a Hammer pickup. Inhale it and hit the switches sticking out of the ground littering the area. The Blueprint will be yours for the taking.

Twin drill plane location

At the start of the next level, Moonlight Canyon, you climb a rock formation while navigating disappearing blocks. When you’ve reached the top, you’ll be able to see a wanted poster and the exit to the area, but look to your left and you’ll see a barrel sitting suspiciously in a small nook in the rock formation. Destroy it to get the Twin Drill Blueprint.

Blizzard Ice Plane Location

Defeating Sillydillo in the final tier of Originull Wasteland will grant you this powerful second tier evolution to Kirby’s Ice Copy ability.

Space Ranger Blueprint Location


At the very end of the World 6 Conquer the Inferno Road stage, take a break before saving the last Waddle Dees. Make sure the Ranger is equipped. You will see a moving target to your right. Shoot it to unlock the Space Ranger blueprint.

Deep Sleep Plan Location

This one-time standby copy capability upgrade is a powerful asset. This will give you an extra health bar or increase your strength and defense. The Deep Sleep one can be found near the secret door area of ​​the third Hidden Waddle Dee in Burning, Churning Power Plant. From the door, you can see a hidden room behind a grate in the left foreground. Float here to find a secret tunnel leading you to the Deep Sleep Blueprint.

Storm Tornado Map Location

At the end of Gathering of the Beast Council in Redgar Forbidden Lands, there is a section where Kirby inhales a rocket car and goes into Coaster Mouth mode. Before jumping on this ride, wait. Drop down and turn to the right, under the platform where the coaster is, and you’ll find a hidden nook containing the Storm Tornado Blueprint.

Masked Hammer blueprint location


  • Venue: Waddle Dee Town (post-match).

The Masked Hammer Blueprint is the rare third weapon upgrade. Dedede gives you this special hammer upgrade when you find him and talk to him in Waddle Dee Town after completing the game.

Morpho Knight Sword Blueprint Location

Once you complete all the post-game world, Forgo Land, you will get the Morpho Knight Sword Blueprint. This is the final blueprint in the game and is rightfully the most powerful weapon in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

And that’s how you’ll find all the Kirby and Forgotten Land Blueprint locations. If you’re wondering how to unlock Hidden Mission, we have a guide for that. For more step-by-step guides, check out our main Kirby and the Forgotten Land page.

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Where to find all maps and locations

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