Singapore Takes Slow Approach To Crypto Adoption; Won’t Become an “Overnight Crypto Hub”

Singapore was seen as a favorable crypto destination until the country’s regulator started tightening rules regarding virtual assets. But, despite competition from regions such as Dubai, authorities have said they will “characterize their own path” and not “react to what other countries are doing”. Daniel Lee, a former chief entrepreneur and listing at DBS Digital … Read more

Binance To Advise Kazakhstan On Crypto Regulation – Bitcoin Regulation News

Binance To Advise Kazakhstan On Crypto Regulation Bitcoin Regulation

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange will help the government of Kazakhstan in its efforts to regulate the country’s crypto space. The global coin exchange platform will also help integrate the national banking system with the expanding digital asset market. Kazakhstan to cooperate with Binance on the development of its crypto sector Binance, the world’s leading crypto … Read more

Crypto Apps – A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

Crypto Apps A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

People who have decided to try their hand at investing have one main goal: to increase their income. Trading requires constant analysis and monitoring, which is why stock market players should track all their trades in order to improve results and catch errors. If a client does not use additional tools, trading will be haphazard … Read more

Investing In Crypto: How To Stay Away From Weak Players

The main reason behind crypto exchange hacks is weak key management. For example, the 4 hacks that took place in 2021 were caused by the hackers’ ability to access hot wallets. Crypto exchange market: an (in)safe haven for investors’ money Crypto exchanges play a central role in the functioning of the crypto market. According to … Read more

How To Buy Apecoins | Evening Standard – Tech Tribune France

B Originating from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT phenomenon of procedurally generated digital art collectibles traded for thousands of dollars, Apecoin is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Contrary to NFTwhose value can vary from minute to minute, a single Apecoin has the same value as any other Apecoin and can be traded on … Read more

Former Binance Executives Launch $100 Million Crypto Fund – TechCrunch

A group of former executives from Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, have established a $100 million venture capital fund, the team told TechCrunch on Thursday. Old Fashion Research (OFR) – whose name is derived from the classic cocktail – was founded in late 2021 by managing partners Ling Zhang, who was previously … Read more

Bitcoin Implodes. But You Wouldn’t Know It Watching Formula 1 Races

Bitcoin Implodes But You Wouldnt Know It Watching Formula 1

Eight of the 10 teams participating in the international top-tier series have a crypto-related sponsor. F1 has gotten a huge boost in viewership over the past few years thanks in part to the popular reality show “Drive to Survive” on netflix (NFLX). One of the major exchanges,, has reached a multi-year naming rights deal … Read more

Turkey Plans New Bill To Tighten Crypto Rules (Report)

Turkish authorities are reportedly working on a bill to put in place additional control over the local digital asset market. The legislation also focuses on crypto exchanges, as they must have a minimum capital of 100 million lira ($6.1 million) to operate domestically. Regulations on the way? Turkey and cryptocurrencies have been a controversial pair … Read more

How To Buy Solana | Evening Standard – Tech Tribune France

L Like Ripple and the XRP cryptocurrency, Solana is a blockchain platform with a native currency called SOL. The project was launched in March 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, by the Solana Foundation. Known for its relatively fast transaction processing times and smart contract execution, SOL was priced at $54.99 at the time of writing, down … Read more

The U.S. Dropped the Ball on Crypto Regulation

WASHINGTON — The United States has dropped crypto regulations, according to Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce, and she says the ripple effects of that failure are keeping her awake at night. “There’s a lot of fraud in this space, because it’s the hottest area right now,” Peirce told CNBC on the sidelines of the … Read more