The newspaper Le Parisien launches a collection of NFT around its historical front pages

The newspaper Le Parisien launches a collection of NFT around

With the “Crypto-unes” project, The Parisian becomes the first French press title to launch an NFT collection based on its historical front pages and creates a rare opportunity for its readers to acquire a piece of the newspaper’s history. Obviously, everyone wants their piece of the “NFT cake”. We learned this week that the French … Read more

Tamadoge launches 1,000 new rare NFTs today – best NFT launch in 2022?

Tamadoge launches 1000 new rare NFTs today best NFT

Rare Tamadoge NFTs ( Warning: The section “IndustryTalk“presents the views of crypto industry players and is not part of the editorial content of The NFT Tamadoge (TAMA) project has been turning heads recently after the launch of its NFT collections. While the October 6 ultra-rare collection NFT launch sold out quickly, becoming perhaps the … Read more

Do you know TooneyChain? The NFT collection for the world cup! – The ₿log

Do you know TooneyChain The NFT collection for the world

What is TooneyChain? TooneyChain is the new blockchain project that launched the first collection of NFTs dedicated to the 32 teams of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as well as their players. You can collect, trade and use your NFTs to show your support for your favorite teams and players. It will be a … Read more

A $175,000 house sold via an NFT. People have questions. – CBS

How To Buy Solana SOL Forbes Advisor UK

Last week, Roofstock, a digital real estate platform, facilitated the sale of a $175,000 home in South Carolina using a non-fungible token, sparking debate about whether technology makes the process easier or harder. buying a property. Roofstock onChain, which is the company’s Web3 subsidiary, listed the property on its Origin Protocol-powered NFT Marketplace (many mistakenly … Read more

LooksRare makes royalties on NFTs optional –

Revolut receives crypto approval from regulator Cyprus to operate across

In a sluggish market, the payment of royalties on the NFT sales grinds his teeth. The Marketplace LooksRare decides to give it back optionalwaiving a default payment. In 2022, following the fall in cryptocurrency prices, NFT valuation and trading volume were plunging. This sector nevertheless remains lucrative for a certain number of players. The reason … Read more

NFT and Twitter – Will we be able to buy tokens on the platform? – The ₿log

NFT and Twitter Will we be able to buy

Still in testing, NFT Tweet Tiles consist of a dedicated panel in tweets where NFTs can be displayed. Users, through this panel, will be able to access the marketplace where a particular NFT is listed using a button in the panel. Now testing: NFT Tweet Tiles 🚀 Some links to NFTs on @rarible, @MagicEden, @dapperlabs … Read more

Storm on Opensea: the new NFT Blur platform is a hit

Storm on Opensea the new NFT Blur platform is a

A platform that has everything of a great – The marketplaces NFT give themselves a fierce competition to attract and retain users. LooksRare, X2Y2 and now Blur are now among the most prominent challengers in the NFT buy-sell market, still outrageously dominated by the giant OpenSea. At the end of an encouraging first day, the … Read more

NFT – Is Aptos a Solana killer? – CryptoNews

NFT Is Aptos a Solana killer CryptoNews

The cryptocurrency market looks like a game of musical chairs. With funds and “users” who move according to opportunities, from one network to another. This is to take advantage of returns and other airdrops offered when opening new digital territories. An activity that sometimes boils down to a simple passing hype. But in other cases, … Read more

NFT adopte 1 200 arbres : la campagne Zero Carbon de Shanghai Electric prend fin avec succs

Class dans : L’environnement, Science et technologie, Exploitation ptrolire, Chasse, pche et plein airSujets : Responsabilit sociale des entreprises, ESG SHANGHAI, 26 octobre 2022 /CNW/ –Shanghai Electric La campagne d’intrt public Go!0CarbonWalker lance l’occasion de la Journe mondiale de la marche a rcemment pris fin avec succs. La campagne encourageait le public marcher plutt qu’ … Read more

New collection of NFT Reddit: the social network attacks Web 3

New collection of NFT Reddit the social network attacks Web

Reddit, one of the world’s most popular social networks, is taking its first step into Web3 by launching its own collection of NFTs. With a successful marketing campaign, it’s close to 3 million again wallets DeFi created in days. Let’s retrace the release of these little avatars, which have been awaited for several years. A … Read more