Discord servers for several NFT collections, including Axie Infinity, compromised

Discord servers for several NFT collections including Axie Infinity compromised

Waiters Discord messaging platforms of several major NFT collections and crypto projects, including gaming Axie Infinitywere compromised and the attackers appear to have posted phishing links that appear to be NFT mints. Source: Axie Infinity/Twitter According to the blockchain security company PeckShieldother projects were affected, including NFT collections Moonbirds and PROOFthe virtual sneaker company RTFKTthe … Read more

Spotify will let artists sell their music in NFT – LeBigData.fr

Spotify will let artists sell their music in NFT

Being part of the Spotify experience will see the NFT collections of The Wombats and Steve Aoki. Spotify is looking for a method for artists to sport their collections of NFTs. This news was highlighted, by Music Ally. This experience concerns a handful of American users of the music streaming platform on Android. Note also … Read more

Discover Metakicks, the most anticipated NFT collection of the moment from Sneakmart and StockX

Discover Metakicks the most anticipated NFT collection of the moment scaled

While the NFT and Web3 market continues to grow, unique players like Sneakmart are carrying out their little revolution by mixing the digital and physical universes. This is the case of Metakicks, the first collection of NFT sneakers as part of the development of the young start-up. Sneakers and NFTs, a parallel world? Sneaker brands … Read more

Shakes in the stablecoin market: NFTs, the next market in peril?

Shakes in the stablecoin market NFTs the next market in

After the fall of the cryptocurrency and stablecoin market, is the NFT market the next market to watch closely? That’s what analysts at Morgan Stanley Bank think. After the storm experienced in the cryptocurrency market and in the stablecoin market, will the ecosystem experience new shocks? Yes, estimates the American bank Morgan Stanley in a … Read more

Horror Game Project Integrates Metaverse, NFTs, And P2E To Induce Extreme Fear

After decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made headlines last year, the concept of gambling to earn has also gained momentum in the crypto community. Play-to-earn games allow players around the world to benefit from the security and decentralization features of the blockchain by being rewarded with digital currencies or NFTs. Many game companies … Read more

Stade Toulousain launches its first NFT collection: instructions!

The club is thus positioned at the forefront of marketing and relational innovation. (Boursier.com) — Stade Toulousain launches its first NFT collection with Arianee technology ! The web3 and in particular the NFTs develop the relationship of the club with its community of supporters by freeing itself from physical borders in particular. This operation is … Read more

NFT: The war between Solana and Ethereum is declared! | Not Okay Bears, Okay Bears | Cryptocurrency

NFT The war between Solana and Ethereum is declared

Early in the growth of the Solana NFT ecosystem, it was common to find obvious knockoffs of major Ethereum projects like CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins. Today, Okay Bears – Solana’s most recent NFT project – was effectively copied and pasted onto Ethereum in what some observers have “greeted“like a moment of”full loop” for Solana. Not … Read more

NFT, Metaverse Prices Follow Crypto Crash; Innovations Find Grace – Tech Tribune France

NFT Metaverse Prices Follow Crypto Crash Innovations Find Grace

While stablecoins in particular and cryptocurrencies in general have fallen sharply recently, other virtual assets in the Web 3.0 ecosystem like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse (or digital/virtual world) prices also fell. However, NFTs and the Metaverse are in their first generation (Gen 1) or initial phase and the market screens assets from a value perspective. … Read more

NFT Pioneer Olive Allen Wants To Bring The Art World To The Metaverse. His Vision Is Nothing Like Zuckerberg’s

NFT Pioneer Olive Allen Wants To Bring The Art World

The metaverse is a lofty and nebulous concept. It’s also a purple storefront on Franklin Street in New York. At least that’s the idea behind Olive Allen’s new exhibition at the Postmasters Gallery, which claims to recreate the world of Web3 in the white cube. The title is coupled with an ominous invitation: “Welcome to … Read more

Getty Images launches its first ever NFTs

Getty Images launches its first ever NFTs

Getty Images, producer and global image database, and Candy Digital, next-generation digital trading card company, announced a multi-year partnership making Candy Digital the exclusive developer and seller of Getty Images NFTs. Getty Images is the very first company in the field of arts and culture to partner with Candy Digital, signing together an unprecedented development … Read more