Un dessin original de Frida Kahlo a-t-il été brûlé pour en faire un NFT ?

Un dessin original de Frida Kahlo a t il ete brule pour

Le riche collectionneur Martin Mobarak a été filmé en train de brûler un dessin de la peintre mexicaine Frida Kahlo. Son objectif : en faire un NFT. Il est accusé de destruction d’un monument artistique. Elle est l’une des plus grandes peintres de l’histoire. La scène a donc de quoi faire frémir le monde de … Read more

Brands in the age of Web3 [Analyse]

Brands in the age of Web3 Analyse

the Wednesday, September 28, 2022 | Marketing Metavers or NFT, projects are multiplying in retail. How and why, Nicolas Diacono, Digital Trends Analyst at Echangeur by BNP Paribas Personal Finance deciphers the Web3 phenomenon. Brands in the age of Web3 [Analyse] The initiatives of brands and brands around Web3 are multiplying with the concepts of … Read more

A one-year ban from practicing required against the surgeon who wanted to sell the NFT of the radio of an injured patient at the Bataclan

A one year ban from practicing required against the surgeon who

Of course, Emmanuel Marmejean “deeply regret”. Really he is ” sorry “. Of course, he presents his “apologies” to his patient. But there is a ” but “. And at the bar of the Paris Criminal Court before which this professor of medicine, hand surgeon at the Georges-Pompidou hospital, appeared, Wednesday September 21 and Wednesday … Read more

NFT projects fragile due to lack of audit – This specialist takes stock

NFT projects fragile due to lack of audit This

A nameless imprudence – According to this entrepreneur in the web3, several NFT projects would be too rushed to conquer markets. They would neglect thus the phase of test. She is however crucial in terms of safety… to avoid suffering costly losses. NFT and security audit: beware of blocked ethers What if another 3.0 version … Read more

Interview: Capsule Corp Labs helps companies identify use cases for useful NFTs

Bitcoin what will happen after the last mined BTC

Capsule Corp Labs develops “utility” NFTs. How would you define them in relation to the NFTs that we already know? Capsule Corp Labs brings a paradigm shift in the way NFTs are used. Despite their recent success and some spectacular examples, NFTs have so far been mostly collectors items. Their operation is very similar to … Read more

This is great news! Olympus Game’s first playable NFTs soon on sale

This is great news Olympus Games first playable NFTs soon

It is the company BD MULTIMEDIA which has created a subsidiary called Olympus Game and soon, the first NFTs playable in this game will be launched. This is great news in the sense that players around the world could monetize their gambling earnings, unlike Ubisoft who wants to run away from NFTs. Here is what … Read more

NFT Pulp Fiction: The Tarantino and Miramax Trial Saga

NFT Pulp Fiction The Tarantino and Miramax Trial Saga

A little less than a year after the start of the lawsuit between Quentin Tarantino and the production company Miramax, the two parties finally agreed. Deal Ends Their Showdown Over Movie-Inspired NFTs pulp Fiction. The outcome of a legal soap opera that will have shaken Hollywood and revived the debate about non-fungible tokens. An amicable … Read more