Biswap, Binance’s New Strategic Partner, Is Growing in Popularity

Biswap Binances New Strategic Partner Is Growing in Popularity

The current context within exchanges makes it easy to get lost. However, the Web3 revolution is well under way, and the need for decentralization is more present than ever. In this context, there are players like Biswap that place users at the heart of their ecosystem. This decentralized exchange platform, with remarkable ergonomics, is the … Read more

Is Binance tightening the noose around the NFT sector?

1674224918 Is Binance tightening the noose around the NFT sector

Binance has been at the heart of the debates since the collapse of FTX. Recently, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network cited his name in a money laundering case with Bitzlato. Authorities also criticize Binance for adopting a lax KYC procedure. Regarding this last point, the exchange has taken drastic measures to change things. Binance … Read more

L’Oréal invests in the metaverse and NFTs with Digital Village –

1674215847 LOreal invests in the metaverse and NFTs with Digital Village

Credit: Digital Village Through its venture capital fund, L’Oreal takes a stake in the startup Digital Village focused metaverse-as-a-service and NFT Marketplace for brands and designers. PumaNike, DecathlonNivea, Tiffany… there are many brands to have launched initiatives in the fields of Web3. On the other hand, fewer of them in traditional sectors such as fashion … Read more

Mailchimp suffers data leak; Yuga Labs is one of the victims!

Mailchimp suffers data leak Yuga Labs is one of the

Mailchimp has announced that it suffered a hack that compromised the accounts of several customers, including Yuga Labs. The Mailchimp messaging platform recently suffered a data breach that affected several accounts, including those of Yuga Labs. The company behind Bored Ape Yacht ClubMeebits and CryptoPunkshowever, states that users’ NFTs are safe. Yuga Labs reassures its … Read more

How to add an NFT to your profile picture on Twitter? – In question

How to add an NFT to your profile picture on

How to add an NFT to your profile picture on Twitter? Technically, you can right-click on the NFT and save the image as a JPEG, then download it. But this does not prove that the NFT is indeed yours. Twitter Blue has a slightly longer process that confirms your ownership of the NFT and displays … Read more

The 7 Best Cardano (ADA) DApps – Involved

The 7 Best Cardano ADA DApps Involved

Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on Cardano (ADA) are paving the way for a new decentralized internet. The Cardano blockchain is a next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform. It is designed to scale seamlessly and offers sophisticated features such as atomic swaps and sub-second finality. Cardano provides privacy by design, keeping transaction data confidential while … Read more

69 NFTs for $1 Million: This Man Doesn’t Know Crypto Winter

1674170576 69 NFTs for 1 Million This Man Doesnt Know Crypto

Compulsive collector or brilliant investor? – Spend almost 1 million dollars in minutes to acquire several NFT seems exaggerated to you? This is not the opinion of NFT collectors rare. They’re hoarding these digital artworks in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And this, whatever the state of the market and despite the harsh remarks … Read more

The history of Raves in France in the metaverse and at auction » PACA’s economic and political letter

The history of Raves in France in the metaverse

Saturday 4 February 2023 will take place an event dedicated to the origins of French Raves. Original collectibles coming directly from the main actors of the Rave movement in France, will be exhibited at the Le Sacré club in Paris. They are systematically accompanied by a digital version and an NFT certificate. Organized by the … Read more