NFT, tool to speculate? Not for Alfa Romeo, which is considering resale

1648084392 NFT tool to speculate Not for Alfa Romeo which is

There are plenty of good reasons to be interested in the latest model presented by Alfa Romeo. Not only does the Tonale don head-turning plastic, but this crossover introduces the Italian brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain. However, it is not the mechanics of this Alfa expected for the summer of 2022 that makes technophiles quiver … Read more

How to create (and sell) an NFT on the blockchain for free?

1648075154 How to create and sell an NFT on the blockchain

Do you want to create an NFT to make a fortune on the blockchain, but you don’t know how to go about it? Follow the leader. Increasingly popular, NFTs are establishing themselves both as collector’s items and as veritable digital works of art that are snapped up at exorbitant prices on the blockchain. However, creating … Read more

Dubai is betting on NFTs and art to become a cryptocurrency hub

Dubai is betting on NFTs and art to become a

Digital art made its first appearance at the fifteenth edition of Art Dubai, a contemporary art fair which this year devoted an entire wing to this field, bringing together 17 galleries and platforms selling NFTs or authenticated digital objects. . Art Dubai Executive Director Benedetta Ghione explains the decision to highlight them with “interest and … Read more

A driver uses NFTs to finance her car races

1648056950 A driver uses NFTs to finance her car races

The Amsterdam Berlin agency and the startup NFT Unblocked have entered into a collaboration with the GT pilot Laura-Marie Geissler with the aim of creating the first motorsport team funded by non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The racing team named LMG decided to forgo external partners to fund Geissler’s racing season through NFT sales. Thus, it … Read more

World’s first private NFT club launches in Hong Kong

Worlds first private NFT club launches in Hong Kong

NFTs are generating a lot of excitement around the world. Individuals are more and more interested in it, celebrities and artists are exploiting this new vein, companies want to use their properties to improve their business (like CodeNekt in the automobile or even winegrowers), governments use and regulate them (just like presidential candidates in South … Read more

At Animoca Brands ride investments: 5 million for skateboard NFTs!

1648038774 At Animoca Brands ride investments 5 million for skateboard NFTs

$5 million little ollie. – Animoca Brands continues these investments in the sector of blockchain games, NFTs and the metaverse. After successfully leading the blockchain game development studio’s funding round, Metaverse Game Studios, she took part in a new fundraiser dedicated to the development of SkateX. This blockchain game is brought to you by metaverse … Read more

The NFT Factory, future place of convergence of the sector in Paris

1648029611 The NFT Factory future place of convergence of the sector

NFT Factory co-founders (in no order): A. Ohanessian, A. Meunier, A. Ichai, A. Delamare Deboutteville, A. Lepinoy, B. Mahe, B. Couty, B. El Alamy, EBB, B. O’Hagan, F. Freyssenet, G. Broustine, G. La Rocca, G. Horen, G. Houze, G. Esnault, H. Martin-Cocher, I. Mery Haziot, J. Karp, J.-M. Pailhon , J.-S. Beaucamps, J. de Tychey, … Read more

Voice Life presents fractional ownership of breakthrough technology

Voice Life presents fractional ownership of breakthrough technology

The CEO of Voice Life’s dream was to provide safe, clean, continuous and unlimited power to a variety of electronic devices. Robert Smith, CEO of Voice Life, has made his dream come true by developing a scalable, always-on wireless power blockchain network and transmitter. Voice Life has now found a new way to share a … Read more

War in Ukraine: unveiled in Lviv, the monumental work of JR put on sale in NFT for the benefit of refugees | Knowledge of the Arts

War in Ukraine unveiled in Lviv the monumental work of

Thursday, March 17, JR unveiled a gigantic shot in downtown Lviv in Ukraine. With this new ephemeral work and its sale in NFT, the French Street Artist supports Ukrainians in the face of the invasion of Russia. Last week, JR traveled to Ukraine. The French Street Artist has not installed one of his famous trompe-l’œil … Read more