Metaverse: How much will Decentraland (MANA) be worth by 2025? Here are the predictions of 3 crypto experts for the price of MANA from 2023 to 2025! – The ₿log

The project was created by the Decentraland Foundation in 2015. So you can see that this game has been in the market for a long time. The team held an ICO in 2017 and managed to raise around 90,000 ETH (which was about $26 million at the time). However, the virtual reality platform was only … Read more

Polygon (MATIC) Launches Nightfall Mainnet Beta

Polygon MATIC Launches Nightfall Mainnet Beta

Tier 2 scaling solution Polygon launched Nightfall to reduce the transaction cost of private transfers of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. A collaboration between Polygon and EY EY, one of the Big Four accounting firms, has launched a supply chain tracking service called OpsChain Supply Chain Manager on Nightfall – an Ethereum Tier 2 blockchain … Read more

What is StepN? New craze that lets you earn cryptocurrency by running and walking now blocks Chinese users | STEP | Cryptocurrency

What is StepN New craze that lets you earn cryptocurrency

StepN, a new game in which people are rewarded for walking or running, saw the value of its cryptocurrency plunge after it decided to unplug its Chinese players. The move follows similar moves by Binance and Huobi, after Chinese authorities ruled any activity related to digital assets illegal. Thursday, StepN announced on Twitter that it … Read more

Adam Neumann, the boss who crashed WeWork, wants to save the planet with crypto… and investors are cheering him on

A sulphurous and huckstering serial entrepreneur, cryptos and good ones to pollute… But how could it go wrong? The crash of the coworking company WeWork is so catastrophic that it is the subject of a series, WeCrashed, on the Apple TV+ platform and performed by Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. However, this does not seem … Read more

Billionaire Tim Draper Doubles His Bitcoin Prediction to $250,000 – Here’s His Timeline

Billionaire Tim Draper Doubles His Bitcoin Prediction to 250000

Venture capitalist Tim Draper reaffirms his prediction that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will well hit six figures in the next few months. Draper says in a new interview that “by the end of this year or early next year” Bitcoin will hit a price of $250,000. The venture capitalist who made early bets on … Read more

Cinema NFTs upset by crypto crash

While “non-fungible tokens” or NFT type crypto-assets are still perceived for the long term as an interesting complement to film and audiovisual funding, the initiatives underway in France are not impervious to the collapse of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a few weeks. “Plush”, a very ambitious animated film project around plush characters initiated by … Read more

Wemade Connect officially launches the mobile P&E game “EVERY FARM”

“Every Farm”, a farm management and social activity game, with an independent token system to make real profits This entertaining P&E game is based on a real economic environment and an independent token system simulating business management including production, sales strategy, etc. Do you like cryptos and want to start trading? The eToro platform allows … Read more

Xeniia Is The New Hotel Cryptocurrency Designed For

Xeniia Is The New Hotel Cryptocurrency Designed For

Wilmington, Delaware, USA, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wilmington, May 22, 2022. Xeniia (ξενία) meaning guest hospitality in Greek will be the token representing HospoWise and will be the corporate representation of the hospitality industry . A series of new products are being built to serve the hospitality industry and replace existing systems and … Read more