Anonymous cryptocurrency: Edward Snowden helped launch Zcash (ZEC)

Edward Snowden confessed to being one of the developers of the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash. Considering that this kind of private assets are necessary for free trade, he decided not to collect a penny for his contribution.

Edward Snowden, the tireless defender of freedom

The decentralized cryptocurrency Zcash would not have seen the light of day without the contribution of Edward Snowden, the man behind “John Dobbertin”. As the launch ceremony ended, the ex-CIA employee revealed, via Zcash Media channel, that he was among the developers of this private corner.

Here is the translation of the Zcash Media tweet published on April 28:

Surprise ! Our second video arrived early. Watch it now to learn more about the #Zcash ceremony, how it works, why @ebfull’s Halo discovery makes it obsolete, and an exclusive interview with #JohnDobbertin himself, Edward @Snowden. »

Snowden explains his motivation for the project:

The reason I did this is because I saw a number of trusted academic cryptographers working on it. And I thought it was a very interesting project »

In this video, Edward Snowden says that he has never received a salary for the development of the private cryptocurrency Zcash. For him, there was no stake, to the point of pushing him to contribute freely for the public interest.

Furthermore, he did not omit to criticize the open ledger of Bitcoin (BTC), which, unlike the private ledger like Zcash, limits free trade.


The problem with [un grand livre ouvert] is that you can’t have truly free trade unless you have private trade. And you can’t have a free society without free trade.»

Snowden had long been fond of private corners

And he didn’t hide it at all. Which is very understandable given the explanations given by this American whistleblower. Moreover, he explained in his video that you have to be wary ofmeme tokens. Knowing that investors are currently rushing towards the Shiba Inu, the price of which peaked at the end of 2021.

Edward Snowden is not only known for his denunciation of the massive surveillance of global communications perpetrated by the British government. Indeed, he has also made a name for himself in the crypto space for his interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

As a reminder, it has already auctioned a titled NFT on the Foundation platform. Snowden also explained the reasons for a massive purchase of bitcoins in 2020, which would be unfounded due to excessive panic.

Anonymous cryptocurrency and regulation

The private corners are there, but do not benefit from the approval of our rulers. The reason is that they could serve as means of financing and facilitating illicit activities. Thus, countries like South Korea have not hesitated to ban anonymous cryptocurrencies throughout their territory.

And this is quite the opposite of the expectation of crypto enthusiasts who hope for more protection of their privacy through new technologies. A question arises: will our leaders ever be able to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys in the crypto space? Because in view of their actions, it is the righteous who pay a high price for the isolated acts of malicious people. And that, Edward Snowden knows… a little more than us.

Source : BeInCrypto

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Anonymous cryptocurrency: Edward Snowden helped launch Zcash (ZEC)

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