AT Protocol: Jack Dorsey unveils the Bluesky Social network

Updated on Oct. 20, 2022 at 2:55 p.m.

Block CEO Jack Dorsey, who was previously CEO of Twitter, announced the launch of AT Protocol, a federated network to power the next generation of social media applications. The Bluesky network, which will therefore be based on the blockchainhas invited beta testers to join the waiting list, as it prepares for the full launch of the decentralized social app.

Bluesky Social: a decentralized social network based on Blockchain

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and its former CEO, has finally unveiled the social protocol and a new Bluesky Social app, which is its response to the centralization of Twitter.

The Answer to the Social Media Centralization Problem comes in the form of the new social protocol which he has been working on since December 2019.

Now, nearly three years later, he announced on October 18 that the protocol is ready to enter beta, and will soon be ready for launch.

AT Protocol, short for Authenticated Transfer Protocol, was designed as a federated network to allow users to communicate easily with URLs from blockchain similar to email addresses.

Introducing AT Protocol by a tweet from Jack Dorsey
Introducing AT Protocol with a tweet from Jack Dorsey.

Users will be identified by their domain name on the AT social protocol; however, instead of the long string of crypto URLs, domain names like (@audrey) will be used.

Users can easily move their on-chain identity across social networks built on the AT protocol without losing their data (one account for multiple networks).

To avoid situations where algorithms direct what users see, AT Protocol said it has an open algorithm that allows users to easily take control of their social flow.

The protocol will be optimized for high scalability to handle large-scale social applications.

What schedule and what new features for the AT Protocol network?

As to At Dorsey’s new social app, known as Bluesky Social, the situation is a little less clear. Not much is known about it except that it is currently in beta and will launch soon.

Users can register on a private waiting list that will allow them to access the application and to test its beta version before its public release.

Bluesky also said it has reached a limit in sending out registrations from everyone interested in participating in the beta test. In response to this, she switched mailing list providers which allowed signups to resume.

Tweet from Bluesky Social about network signups
Tweet from Bluesky Social about network signups.

Dorsey’s idea behind the new protocol comes from the belief that social media users don’t have enough control on their own data.

Data is locked within platforms, and it cannot be moved and transferred between different platforms without permission.

Dorsey wants change that with the new protocol, which he originally called ADXbut later renamed Authenticated Transfer Protocol.

The AT protocol, as it is commonly called, is described as a protocol for large-scale distributed social applications.

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Implementing it will deliver a number of new benefits, including increased performance, algorithmic choice, account portability, and cross-platform interoperability.

As to the other characteristics mentioned, such as interoperability, algorithmic choice and improved performance, they will allow users to access an entire market of algorithms.

Project Bluesky explains that this will allow users to control what they see, who they can reach on social media platforms that adopt the protocol, and so on, instead of having those decisions made for them by the companies that manage these platforms.

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AT Protocol: Jack Dorsey unveils the Bluesky Social network

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