Binance Institutional: The New Platform for Institutionals and Crypto VIP Investors

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange strikes once again. While its founder remains convinced that cryptos will eventually make a recovery, he is releasing his new platform, Binance Institutional, dedicated to VIP investors and cryptocurrency institutions. So how does it work ?

What is Binance Institutional?

Binance is known as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Very famous, it extends to various countries and offers many services in the field of cryptography. From Ireland to Dubai, the platform sets out to conquer the world. But above all, its mission is certainly to satisfy customer demand. With more than 600 cryptocurrencies listed, the Changpeng Zhao (CZ) platform is attracting a little more sympathy from investors every day.

However, the current crisis in the crypto market leaves no one indifferent. Even though the company’s CEO said they have already taken steps to address the decline, some users still remain skeptical. However, the launch of a new platform contradicts people’s thoughts. Indeed, as the crisis rages on, the exchange is bringing Binance Institutional to market.

This new platform is entirely dedicated to institutions operating in the crypto industry and VIP investors. The goal behind it? The improvement of its institutional offers and services. With the plethora of crypto exchanges that exist in the market, finding solutions to stand out is the best option to maintain your position. So, while Binance is at the top of the list, Changpeng Zhao must at all costs remain on the alert and anticipate the needs of users.

Therefore, the VIP program extends the offers dedicated to institutions and aims to be a bridge between the crypto market and the traditional financial markets. For the CEO of Binance, brokerage services are in the best position to stimulate the evolution of cryptocurrencies over the long term. To do this, institutional investors will be entitled to new features that will facilitate crypto investing.

Binance Institutional, many services for VIPs

Since the expansion of crypto assets, more and more people are getting into the adventure. Individuals and companies, everyone wants to enjoy the advantages offered by this sector. Since these are two distinct categories, offering offers adapted to each of them is a significant point. Binance understands the need to diversify its offerings in order to satisfy every party. Thus, the launch of Binance Institutional is a giant step in facilitating and improving the crypto experience for institutions and VIPs.

the VIP program meets the expectations of all types of institutions. Of the family offices through asset managers, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms as well as high net worth individuals and liquidity providers. The platform also has many services. These include direct access to custody and brokerage, OTC liquidity and asset management.

But that’s not all ! Indeed, the main objective of Binance Institutional is to offer more privileges to its VIP users. The program has nine VIP levels. The more you increase your trading volume in these, the more your rewards climb. VIP level 1 includes a balance of at least 25 BNB as well as a trading volume of at least one million BUSD over 30 days. Level 9, on the other hand, requires a 30-day trading volume of at least 5 billion BUSD as well as a minimum balance of 5,500 BNB. VIP program privileges include higher 24-hour withdrawal limits and reduced transaction fees.

Binance Institutional comes at a time when the BNB token is at the center of an SEC investigation. Although it has many advantages, will this VIP program keep all its promises?

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Binance Institutional: The New Platform for Institutionals and Crypto VIP Investors

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