Bitcoin (BTC): Discover Fountain’s new feature

Cryptocurrency prices may be red, but investors are still finding a way to bring bitcoin back into the limelight. Between the various statements by experts, the optimism of investors and the support of certain governments, there is no doubt that the crypto will quickly recover its value. Recently, Fountain joined the list with its bitcoin earning feature. But how ?

Adoption of bitcoin despite the fall: good idea or not?

Cryptocurrencies are going through a bad patch right now and investor concern is growing a little more every day. If the sector seemed promising and seemed like a real source of gains, the trend has been reversed for a few months. Indeed, crypto assets have recently been hovering below red indicators. Since the Terra Luna crash, cryptos have been in a worrying race and signs of recovery are not positive.

However, bitcoin remains ahead of the pack as despite the fall, investors continue to support it. Although some doubt, others remain convinced that the recovery will take place shortly. Indeed, BTC has already shown signs of recovery since the price drop. If the one in May only lasted a few hours, the one that took place recently seems to be continuing. Bitcoin has been trying to hold $20,000 as its floor price for the past few days. Currently, it is trading around $21,000, a sign of recovery.

While the indicators look favorable, another piece of news will no doubt please the sympathizers of this crypto. Indeed Fountain, a podcast streaming application recently declared that its users could earn bitcoins. How ? By listening to their favorite podcasts. For Oscar Merry, CEO of Fountain, these awards are a recognition of the value that podcasters and users bring.

Hence, what could be better than using the most famous crypto to pay users. According to Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, an investor at Fountain, using bitcoin has proven to be a better idea for user compensation than creating a native token. Indeed, the directors of the application believe that BTC has more effective purchasing power over the long term than any fiat currency.

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Bitcoin Fountain

Fountain and cryptocurrencies

Fountain is an application that allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts at any time. Under the direction of Oscar Merry, it offers unique features to improve the user experience. In a press release, the app CEO wanted to express his gratitude to the many people who use the platform. According to him, the attention and time they spend on a platform gives value to the latter.

Therefore, to distinguish itself from the competition, it has set up a system of rewards. Indeed, most free applications do not take this aspect into account. By choosing to reward users but also podcasters, it becomes unique. This initiative will not only motivate them, but also increase the value of the platform. Each party therefore emerges as a winner.

In addition to offering many features such as the comments boost, Fountain Promotions as well as Listen to Earn, the use of bitcoin to pay the rewards is another proof of the originality of the application. Thus, users have the opportunity not only to listen to their favorite podcasts, capture and share their favorite moments, but also to earn money by sharing clips.

The adoption of bitcoin is not good news for some financial experts. Indeed, the latter consider that this crypto asset is dangerous and involves multiple risks. However, all areas carry risks. Understanding and mastering the field can be a real source of gain. Fountain understood this and made it the means of payment for rewards. According to the CEO and an investor in the platform, this solution seems to be the most appropriate in the long term.

Source : BitcoinMagazine

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Bitcoin (BTC): Discover Fountain’s new feature

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