completes $33.6 million private sale for its new VERSE ecosystem token. recently completed a private sale of its utility token, VERSE, with total funding of $33.6 million. The proceeds will be used to further expand the platform’s ecosystem of crypto products and services. Additionally, the newly acquired fund will be used to provide additional rewards to new and existing cryptocurrency users.

Closing a funding round for VERSE Announces Closing ofa $33.6 million private sale of VERSE tokens, attracting a variety of participants including Digital Strategies, BoostX ventures,, KuCoin venturesViaBTC Capital, 4SV, Redwood City ventures and some personal titular executives and thought leaders such as Roger Ver, David Wachsman and Jihan Wu. stated that the VERSE token will expand its ecosystem of cryptocurrency products and services, connecting the usefulness and rewarding features of the VERSE token to its users at every stage of the journey of crypto. So the token VERSE will be created as an ERC-20 token which functions as a utility and reward token like the CRO, BNB and FTT for exchanges,, Binance and FTX.

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Meanwhile, the CEO of bitcoin.comDennis Jarvis, spoke at length about the company’s new achievements. He commented:

“Since 2015, is a leader in introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency and guiding them through their cryptocurrency journey. To date, we have built an incredible portfolio of products and services with over 4 million monthly active users and 30 million self-service wallets created. Today we are proud to announce VERSE, an out-of-the-box utility and reward token for everyone who participates in the ecosystem Pour. »

Jarvis also describes how VERSE is user-centric and how it can add tremendous value to the products and services of bitcoin.comsuch as its self-service wallet app, Verse Exchange, News, etc.

In other news, VERSE is expected to hold a public token sale in June 2022. We say that 6% of total token supply (12,600,000,000 PAID) will be sold. Additionally, the sale will be the first token project launch on the brew. Pour Launch padwhich will also be launched at the same time.

Justin Chou, chief investment officer at KuCoin venturesis satisfied with the latest offer from He pointed out that accelerate the development of products and partnerships that will expand its global reach.

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