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Bitcoin, whatever its situation, remains the leading cryptocurrency in the industry. Institutions and many crypto traders still view Bitcoin as a trustworthy store of value over many altcoins or DeFi tokens.

As a precursor to the crypto market, Bitcoin had its biggest hit in the crypto winter of 2022 since peaking near $70,000 in November of the previous year. Bitcoin has fallen over 65% since hitting its all-time high, affecting virtually the entire crypto market.

The fourth quarter of 2022 showed significant signs of a potential crypto summer, and as usual Bitcoin will lead the way. Although we have not yet determined how far the potential crypto summer will go, experts still postulate that many altcoins could explode during this period, especially meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin is a new community-driven meme cryptocurrency that is already gaining traction in the crypto space. We will see more about this in this article.

What is Bitcoin’s predicted uptrend in Q4 2022?

As mentioned earlier, the fourth quarter of 2022 presented the crypto market with many opportunities. Many analysts have predicted that the next crypto summer could be around the corner and could hit sooner than many think.

Looking at Bitcoin’s trend from the monthly chart, we could see that since BTC bottomed below $18,000, it has yet to reach that price level despite losing more than 4% less. 24 hours in August after peaking at $25,000. Bitcoin will be looking to break the $25,000 and $30,000 price levels in the upcoming crypto winter and meme tokens could be the main benefactors of this trend.

Why meme tokens will benefit from a bullish Bitcoin

Meme tokens are known for their inflation prices and token supplies. Although there have been significant paradigm shifts and revolutions in the meme token space, many meme tokens still maintain the inflationary policy.

Shiba Inu is one of the few meme tokens supporting the revolution of utility meme token systems in DeFi. Shiba Inu lead by example by actively powering up a DEX bridge, among other things. Additionally, SHIB is regularly burned by his community. In August 2022, Shiba Inu set a record for burning over 12 billion SHIB tokens.

Shiba Inu protocols set him apart from other meme tokens, tilting him towards the deflationary token system. Nonetheless, as a meme token, SHIB will also benefit from Bitcoin’s bullish potential. The reason for this is that meme tokens are easily swayed to extreme price levels during market seasons.

Big Eyes Coin targets 73% at public launch

Big Eyes Coin is another meme token that could soar 73% when it launches its ICO. The ICO, which will take place in a DEX (as an IDO), will introduce Big Eye Coin (BIG) to the public for the first time.

However, as of this writing, Big Eyes Coin is on presale. At this point, over 5,800 units are being sold for as low as 1 USDT, a decrease from the roughly 7,300 tokens sold in previous presale stages.

You simply get your tokens by visiting the main website of Big Eyes and registering for the presale. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete the whole process and get your tokens in your wallet.

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Can Bitcoin’s predicted uptrend push Big Eyes Coin and Shiba Inu up 73%? – Mag Mirror

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