Can metaverses allow us to become millionaires?

The metaverse boom has already begun. Is this a golden opportunity to become a millionaire, or to make money? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

Metaverses: definition

Metaverses and NFTs are growing exponentially. As a reminder, metaverses or metaverses are fictional worlds. They correspond to the acronym of “Meta” which means “beyond” and “towards” for “universe”. Metaverses are an innovation that should be very important in the Internet of tomorrow. The metaverse is an immersive and multisensory experience and is made possible and accessible thanks to the development of new technologies. So, if the crypto funds you can trade on the BitiQ app platform were an improvement, the metaverse is an even higher step on the ladder.

Metaverses allow human beings to interact in a 3D space, usually divided into several spaces. The idea is also that in general it is a persistent universe, which means that it is present 24 hours a day and never stops, which makes it much more realistic. The interactions between human beings are social but also economic. The metaverse is therefore a world which is intended to be very realistic but which makes it possible to erase certain limits of the real world, these limits being defined by the designer of the metaverse. NFTs are increasingly present in metaverses and introduce the notion of scarcity because they are assets in the metaverse present in limited quantities.

What’s happening on the metaverses right now?

There is currently a “boom” in the prices of digital assets in the metaverses. There has been a very sharp rise in the price of land plots and real estate on the metaverses. Real estate investment in the metaverses is growing more and more with individuals but also large corporations thriving there.

Let’s take an example, if you could buy an apartment in Paris now before the real estate boom of the last 20 or 30 years took place, you would make huge profits. People investing in properties in the Metaverse think it could benefit from a similar boom, and first-time buyers have already.

Metaverses also saw a big boost in popularity when Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change from Facebook to Meta (you can read this great article from numerama to know more). The cryptocurrencies of the main existing metaverses experienced a sharp increase in their value at that time. We can cite MANA, AXS, or SAND.

Important companies like Gucchi, Nike and others see in metaverses an opportunity to develop, promote and become pioneers in a booming sector. In 2021, the metaverse sector recorded a trading volume of 160,000 million euros but major cryptocurrency players and analysts like Grayscale estimate that this volume could exceed one billion in 2022.

Among the most important metaverses, we must mention The SandBox, Centraland or Axie Infinity. The prices of land plots are already extremely high on these platforms. However, there are alternative platforms, currently less known but promising, such as NFT World, with more affordable prices. Meeting on Opensea if you want to buy it. The price of these plots is constantly increasing. It is possible, today January 6, 2022 to buy them for an average price of 3.1 ETH. If 2022 is the year of the metaverse then that price could multiply.

The future of metaverse, why is there potential?

Many projects are still to come in the metaverse and it is almost certain that this concept will continue to grow. The key is knowing which projects to invest in and not making mistakes. But virtual worlds have a bright future ahead of them because they will become more and more realistic and will allow more and more things to their users. Whether in the world of gaming but also of immersive experience or tourism. It is possible that soon, some experiences that were happening in real life will take place in the metaverse.

This could for example be the case of a work meeting or congress. In today’s world where social avoidance is sometimes necessary, this could become a very useful tool. Metaverses could also make it possible to organize events at much lower costs than organizing an event in real life. The advantage of metaverses is that you can go there immediately without having to travel. It would be a bit like joining a zoom meeting, except that metaverses could, in the future perhaps not so distant as we think, become much more realistic and immersive and almost look like the real thing.

Facebook, which changed its name to Meta, has also created immersive masks called Oculus which are available for sale. They allow for an extremely realistic gaming experience and are available affordable by ordinary mortals. It is already possible (with a higher budget) to buy a whole range of products, including sensors, and other tools that allow you to arrange a space in your home to create an experience in which your body and his movements are in total immersion. In the future, it is possible to imagine that from this room in your house, you will be able to access a metaverse interconnected with other people.

In this metaverse, there will be a blockchain-based economy with NFTs. You will be able to buy properties there and live experiences similar and even superior to those you live in real life. This innovation will make it possible to completely eliminate the barriers of space throughout the world. You’ll even have the opportunity to work with a team from around the world in the metaverse feeling like you’re actually with them. Don’t forget that all the senses (touch, taste, sight, smells and sound) could be present there.

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Can metaverses allow us to become millionaires?

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