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It is no news that the last few weeks since the start of the year have been quite turbulent for many crypto natives. The continued negative price action with momentary hopes has undoubtedly weighed heavily on young crypto natives in particular, and even those who claim to understand how the crypto market works.

In times of massive northward price action, it’s normal for people to get carried away with euphoria and forget about the need to do one of the most important things: make a profit.

But taking profit comes with its sleight of hand. Should I take advantage of it now? Won’t it be too soon? It’s too late? Many questions cross the mind of an investor when it comes to making a profit.

But as the saying goes, “one bird within reach is better than several in the forest”.

Along with taking profits, there is also the problem of people losing their money to avoidable scams and hacks.

These are some of the reasons why crypto education still remains relevant. People need to know how and when to enter and exit. They must also know how to preserve and protect their heritage from the market and criminals.

For years, crypto enthusiasts have been looking forward to a day like a baby clinging to its mother for candy where crypto will be everywhere and become so integrated into our daily lives.

The day may not come like a father returning from a long journey; it will be a gradual step towards a time when we will all individually say think, oh! We have achieved mass adoption.

My name is Tony Emeka, and I’m particularly interested in pushing for mass adoption. I believe crypto will transform every part of our existence as it is now and will continue to do so, but it takes a conscious effort to do so.

No nation ever grows without its educational system, and that is why crypto education will continue to become increasingly important as the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and develop.

As someone pointed out and it has become commonplace, crypto moves very fast. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Over the past few months we have seen the explosive impacts of decentralized finance (Challenge)Non-Fungible Assets/Tokens (NFT)games that people can play and earn an income they can survive on (GameFi/PlayToEarn), the Metaverse. We’ve also seen the adoption levels of Fan Tokens, and of course, the growing interest in all things Web 3.

There is no doubt that in order for these to be widely disseminated and adopted, people will need to know about them. It’s common knowledge that people want to know what’s in it for them.

And what’s in it for everyone in crypto is the freedom to become masters of their own destiny. To access a global and 24/7 market and industry that never sleeps and be able to carve out just about anything they can. In the Nigerian way of describing something like this, “It’s an industry where nobody’s son can become someone.”

The crypto education business is a mix of educating alumni as innovations emerge and helping newbies understand what blockchain and cryptocurrency are all about.

Crypto is like clay. You can take it and do just about anything you can think of for yourself. But you have to know how to handle clay and the potter’s tools. This is crypto education, and why it will continue to be relevant.

To the youth and youth, I call on you to take responsibility to educate yourself about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s an industry where nobody’s son can become someone without knowing anyone.

As the Nigerian education system continues to show signs of lack of support for the future and progress of young Nigerians, it is imperative to seize the opportunity of a lifetime – to take responsibility for building their future, plot the course of their life destiny.

The crypto market is a highly liquid and rewarding market that is open 24/7. No wonder it has made a lot of people rich and rich. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone, whether it’s trading crypto assets, working for blockchain companies with high pay, amazing benefits and hours, or starting their own businesses offering services.

There is no limit to what you can do. Learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency today. Your destiny is between your hands. Own.

Tony Emeka, is the co-founder and CEO, CryptoTVplus, a blockchain and cryptocurrency media company. He is also co-founder and CEO of Winthon, an online crypto educational platform where people can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency for free while earning money as they learn. As a crypto evangelist, he has educated over 50,000 people across Nigeria on crypto through the Campus BCAT program – a school-to-school educational outreach program.

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Celebrating His Birthday, Crypto Advocate Tony Emeka Urges Young People To Learn About Crypto | The Guardian Nigeria News TechRadar

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