Compound, Sandbox, and Big Eyes: Must-Have Crypto Projects Hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain

Ever since the date was announced, the Ethereum merger has been a concern for many crypto enthusiasts. It was the most significant upgrade seen in the Ethereum blockchain.

The merger overlapped the Ethereum blockchain, originally a proof-of-work blockchain, with a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. This move was intended to help the Ethereum blockchain remain the king of DeFi.

Specifically, it will help Ethereum become faster and more scalable. The success of the merger lends even more credence to how dedicated its developers are to seeing their network meet the needs of its crypto community.

What will this mean for the many projects hosted on Ethereum? This article will review three Ethereum-based projects: Compound, Sandbox, and Big Eyes highlighting how big eyes promises success.

Big Eyes: The New King of Meme Pieces

Most meme coin projects have based their creation on the DOGE meme. The popular Dogecoin used it as a base meme. Since then, several other meme-inspired crypto projects have emulated this trend by creating their DOGE-themed meme pieces. This feature makes Big Eyes’ entry into the crypto space spectacular.

Big Eyes is not ready to follow the crowd in mimicking any crypto project. Instead, it brought a new way to create meme pieces. Although Big Eyes is an animal themed meme project, it is not a DOGE themed meme room project.

After careful research, the developers at Big Eyes have discovered that DOGE-themed meme coin projects have saturated the crypto space. There was a need for change, a new generation of meme pieces. The decision to base Big Eyes on the cute cat meme would rock the entire crypto space.

Big Eyes’ uniqueness isn’t just evident in his new animal meme; it promises to be a whole new kind of meme piece project. The functionality offered by Big Eyes will not be that provided by other meme plays; instead, they will be unique and rival other crypto projects.

Big Eyes promises to back up its hype with solid evidence. This feature is rare in the crypto space, as most meme pieces are nothing more than empty hype. Big Eyes began to make a significant impact as soon as it pre-sold.

The Big Eyes whitepaper has explained different ways it will benefit its users financially. On September 8, 2022, Big Eyes announced their first charity move on their Twitter page.

In this tweet, Big Eyes expresses interest in donating to Luna Children. In just 48 hours of tweeting this, Big Eyes donated $1,000,000 to this charity. This level of honesty is rare among other meme projects and will help Big Eyes stay afloat as the king of meme pieces.

Big Eyes next to Compound and Sandbox

Sandbox, Compound, and Big Eyes are DeFi platforms hosted on Ethereum. Each of them has unique characteristics and amazing rewards.

The compound cryptography project serves as the decentralized master protocol. It helps to replace the tedious loan acquisition process typical of the banking system. The compound helps connect lenders with borrowers.

A person who lends his funds to others receives interest on his deposit. Thus, a user who stores their funds in the Compound Liquidity Pool will increase their deposit as lenders repay their loans with interest.

Sandbox is a Game-Fi platform. It enables and incentivizes its users to interact with a fully augmented world. Life in the metaverse mimics the real world.

In The Sandbox, land is a scarce resource; the price of land depends on its location in the metaverse. Landowners can build any structure they want on their land.

All elements of the Sandbox ecosystem exist as non-fungible tokens. These digital assets are offered for sale on its NFT marketplace.

Big Eyes plans to build an NFT marketplace that will compete with all top NFT trading platforms. Its NFT Marketplace will contain the rarest cat-themed memes, and its NFT designers will earn a lot of money from this innovation.

Steps to purchase the Big Eyes pre-sale before launch

The first step is to install Metamask on your smartphone or computer. It would help if you then fund this wallet with your payment crypto assets. It can be Ethereum, Binance or USDT tokens.

Visit to register on the pre-sale site. Connect your wallet to the presale portal so that it can access your deposited token.

Indicate the number of BIG tokens you wish to purchase and approve the transaction. Finally, wait for the presale to end so you can claim the tokens.


The reward opportunities offered in Big Eyes are too good to miss. Buy the presale today before the end of the second phase.

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Compound, Sandbox, and Big Eyes: Must-Have Crypto Projects Hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain

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