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The TikTokeur Harry Thomas, alias Harry the Soul Coachrecently revealed that the founder of Bitcoin is none other than John McAfee.

“John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin. If we go back and look at his past, he created McAfee internet security software in 1987. So he had access to backdoors [en informatique, une backdoor ou porte dérobée est une fonctionnalité qui permet de contourner les mécanismes de sécurité d’un système informatique ou cryptographique]”, revealed Harry Thomas.

The influencer even goes so far as to say that McAfee is still alive.

John McAfee and the conspiracy theory

For several years, all sorts of hypotheses, from the most plausible to the most inappropriate, have been circulating concerning the identity of the creator of Bitcoin. But this new revelation from Harry Thomas, could attract a lot of attention, especially from conspirators.

On YouTube, there are dozens of interviews that show that John McAfee was a seasoned blockchain expert. We also note that during his discussions with journalists, the former director of McAfee often seemed under the influence of drugs, in particular LSD.

One of his most interesting interviews is the one he conducted with Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Media.

During the interview, John McAfee revealed, “Blockchain is the first technology that didn’t come from the guts of the government or some secret military project. Nor does it come from IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung or whatever. And the technology, as a whole, is open source — it’s available to everyone. This is a defining moment in the evolution of the human spirit. The first application of blockchain was cryptocurrency. And the first application of cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which far exceeded its life expectancy. But he has no confidentiality. You cannot put smart contracts on this blockchain.”

The hunt for criminals

“That’s why criminals were so quick to use it,” McAfee added, pointing out that “for years Bitcoin was what people on the dark web accepted as payment. Criminals are always the first to adopt new technologies. I mean, damn it, when the phone came out, who were the early adopters? Mafia people! They had a telephone system that allowed them to coordinate criminal activity nationwide. As a result, bank robberies increased tenfold in the early 1930s!

Finally, McAfee noted that confidential cryptocurrencies like Monero could be a better alternative to Bitcoin.

According to TikTokeur Harry Thomas, John McAfee would have created Bitcoin to monitor what criminals were doing. “McAfee got them all,” the influencer says.

Did John McAfee create Bitcoin to learn from criminals? Recall that the cybersecurity guru has often said that he can monitor government agents through his antivirus software. Did he therefore create Bitcoin to monitor criminals?

“God damn it, let’s wake up people. Why was Bitcoin finally worth as much as it was originally worth? Because it was used as fucking currency. No one will use Bitcoin anymore. It’s old, outdated, slow and expensive. It has zero confidentiality. Nobody uses it. It’s shit the world doesn’t understand yet,” McAfee said in an annoyed tone.

Ok Satoshi Nakamoto, you’ve been hiding for 13 years already, you’re the world champion in hide and seek… Come and get your trophy! Please get out of where you are.


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Could John McAfee be the creator of Bitcoin? The wild hypothesis of a TikTokeur – BeinCrypto France

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