Crypto: Dash 2 Trade, the analytics project, raises millions in days

While the crypto market has been declining for almost a year now, 2022 is setting records for projects in the presale phase. Dash 2 Trade is the latest example of this trend after raising $500,000 in just 24 hours.

A presale that gets off to a strong start

The Dash 2 Trade project reached a major milestone during its October 19 ICO: the team raised over $1.3 million. With a fundraising goal set at just over $40 million, the project is in danger of winding down and, in our opinion, is among the most exciting projects of 2023.

This new project is a new platform that aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by providing experienced or newbie investors with analytical tools such as ICOs and pre-sale rating systems.

The project’s ICO began on October 19 and a few hours after its launch, the project announced that it had reached the $500,000 mark. As such, the project is nearing the end of its first fundraising phase and will move into its second phase once it hits 1.66 million.

For those hearing about it for the first time, the Dash 2 Trade project is raising funds for its software system through a presale of its $D2T token. He wants to raise $40 million by selling 700 million tokens of the total 1 billion tokens.

The main advantage of Dash 2 Trade is that the project provides a comprehensive management tool for detailed analysis of the entire crypto environment.

Thus, merchants will be able to see at a glance if the smart contracts (or intelligent contracts in French) of the projects that interest them benefit from the audit, and learn about the experience of the members of the management team. .

In addition, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will be provided once the pre-sale is complete. Dash 2 Trade has been in development for several months and is positioning itself in a field worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

There are already many analytical tools available to investors, but Dash 2 Trade is very different from its competitors.

The Bloomberg of blockchain?

So far, there is no comprehensive software system to simultaneously observe blockchain data, price data, new listings, fundraisings (ICO) and other variables such as sentiment towards cryptocurrencies, etc.

There are indeed Kryll, Atani, and Quadency tools, but these tools focus on their automated trading terminals, not on centralizing market information.

The creators of Dash 2 Trade have therefore created a software system designed to be as complete as a Bloomberg terminal for traditional stock markets. A team of 15 traders, quants and developers worked on the solution.

Dash 2 Trade brings together a large number of features such as automated trading APIs, general market sentiment indicators and some blockchain status reports.

Certainly, these data are available today, but it would be necessary to consult several different sites to benefit from them.

In addition to leveraging this information for success, Dash 2 Trade provides data not found elsewhere, especially on certain niche markets that offer high returns, such as ICOs and crypto pre-sales.

Before going to the site, first know that the ICO of the project is carried out in 9 steps. Each stage has its own price: D2T tokens for presale stage 1 are sold for $0.0476. The price of phase 2 will increase by $0.050 and so on.

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Crypto: Dash 2 Trade, the analytics project, raises millions in days

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