Daimler Buses opens its 3D printed spare parts shop

Being able to manufacture any defective or missing part on demand is a dream that many companies aspire to. The reason is that the physical storage of spare parts represents very high inventory costs. In addition, a missing part leads to high procurement costs caused by minimum order quantities. When it is not the lead times that are too long, in the most urgent cases, express deliveries of critical parts increase the bill even further.

It is in this context that Daimler Buses, a division specializing in the construction of buses and coaches of the German group Daimler, has decided to rely on 3D printing to move towards a more decentralized and more agile production of its spare parts.

A few months after presenting its solution aimed at allowing bus transport companies (Mercedes-Benz and Setra), to buy and manufacture original parts themselves licensed their vehicle on a smart online store, the company has just announced its launch. Remember that one of the options to access this service is to have a 3D printer certified by Daimler Buses, register with the brand and obtain a license to design the required part in the desired quantity.

For customers who do not have 3D printers, it is also possible to call on the nearest Omniplus service to manage the process, or simply a Farsoon Technologies certified printer to create their own mini-factory.

The first customers can already access more than 100 parts, among more than 40,000 potentially 3D printable references which will gradually be added. Immediate access to manufacturing which means major savings in time and money for carriers, especially when they are not can no longer serve the scheduled stops because their vehicles are immobilized.

“This opens up completely new perspectives for our service operations and for the availability of products where they are needed at the point of sale”


To ensure the protection and confidentiality of this data, Daimler Buses has engaged the services of Wibu-Systemsa company sspecialized in intellectual property protection and licensing. The mission of the latter will be to secure the sensitive know-how contained in the printing designs and in the pre-printing, printing, and invoicing process.

So once their purchase has been made, buyers receive three digital elements: the actual data of the digital object, encrypted with Wibu-Systems’ award-winning CodeMeter® protection technology, and a pre-print and print license. The former is needed to prepare the print job with Farsoon Technologies’ Buildstar® software, while the latter specifies exactly how many copies of the digital object they can make with Makestar® software on a Farsoon certified printer.

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Daimler Buses opens its 3D printed spare parts shop

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