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Not all hackers are malicious, says Dima Dimenkoco-founder of 111PG. Indeed, ethical hackers could help the crypto market.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, internet users suffered around 18 million data breaches. This is why white hat hackers have an essential role to play.

Ethical hackers: who are they?

First of all, what is a hacker? It is a person who circumvents the protections of a computer system on request or for his own interest.

Ethical hackers, also called white hat hackers, do the exact opposite. Their main mission is to make computer systems as secure as possible. They are cyber defense experts who develop protection systems against other hackers and their attacks.

As a rule, ethical hackers work anonymously. Their customers usually find them online or through networking. But sometimes they can be recruited full-time by large companies that manage a lot of data, especially in the banking or social media sectors, for example.

You’ve probably heard of bug bounties, the programs companies put in place to assess how well their systems are protected. Most ethical hackers participate in these programs, but they can also monitor systems uninvited.

What do we know about the ethical hacker community?

Hackers, whether ethical or not, seek to maintain maximum anonymity. Therefore, it is difficult to know their communities. So, even if you find a community of hackers online, you cannot know exactly who and how many people are working on your system security.

Most often, hackers are spotted through their acquaintances. Of course, you can still find them on online forums, but they are becoming increasingly rare on these platforms. You can also try to find their Telegram channels, but keep in mind that the hacker community is becoming more and more anonymous.

There are also outsourced CyberTech projects. However, it is difficult to call them “white hat hackers”, since their main task is to develop and adjust security systems, while real ethical hackers specifically look for weak points in these systems.

Note also that individual hackers can switch hats, switching between white hat and black hat hacking. However, most ethical hacker communities do not change their activity.

Who is responsible for security breaches in crypto projects?

We often hear that the blockchain offers an advanced level of security. Yet we constantly see crypto thefts and wallet hacks. Recently, hackers stole around 8,000 crypto wallets worth over $5 million. So what’s wrong?

Take the example of Linux. It is an open source and publicly available system, which means anyone can modify it. The difference between the version of the first system and the current version is enormous. Blockchain is no different from this system.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the system has been improved many times, becoming more and more complex and complete. We are currently in the early stages of development of cryptographic technology, and this sector is evolving dynamically. Therefore, new problems, challenges and missions constantly arise.

It is difficult to blame security breaches on a single person or entity. Of course, there are attacks that require human intervention, such as phishing, but they are rare. However, the biggest problem is that bad hackers usually develop their hacking systems faster than the market, which means that ethical hackers catch them quite late.

So, for now, it’s a constant battle. But this battle is beneficial to everyone, because it contributes to technological development. Indeed, the blockchain has three pillars: security, speed and decentralization. And as this technology evolves, these three pillars cannot be separated from each other.

Ethical hackers: how do they contribute to the growth of crypto?

Whether in crypto or other industries, the primary goal of ethical hackers remains the same. They make systems safer for users, and the market fairer for all stakeholders. Indeed, all IT systems have their shortcomings, especially when it comes to digital assets. People are very financially sensitive and no one would like to lose their money.

The role of ethical hackers is to ward off threats to the crypto market. To do this, they perform resiliency tests to check for malware, try to detect potential flaws in the system with penetration tests, or deliberately carry out DoS or DDoS attacks. Thus, they increase the security level of the crypto market.

We are currently moving towards a new era of the Internet called Web3 and towards an all-digital world. The crypto sector is one of the indispensable components of this process. That’s why ethical hackers are a big part of making the market fairer and accelerating Web3 adoption.

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Dima Dimenko is an expert in cybersecurity, crypto and blockchain technology. He became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2011, when the digital economy was still little known. Dima is also co-founder of 111PG, a platform that aims to protect tokens when they are launched on exchanges. The company has already supported more than 30 crypto projects with a total value of $5 million.


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Ethical hackers: who are they? And why do we need them? – BeinCrypto France

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