Explora Chain (EXPL), GM Wagmi (GM) And Doge Bonk (DOBO) Tech Tribune France

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April 2, 2022


Meme coins are undeniably popular in the crypto space and meme coins such as DogeCoin have achieved great success.

The value of the global cryptocurrency is expected to more than triple by 2030. Meme coins may not have the best reputation, but they are undeniably popular in the crypto space and meme coins such as DogeCoin have won a great success; it is worth taking a look at the following coins that have proven to be widespread in the crypto community – Explora Chain (EXPL), GM Wagmi (GM) and Doge Bonk (DOBO).


Explora Channel (EXPL)

Launched in November 2021, Explora Chain (EXPL) is an exciting new platform offering features such as games to earn, launch pad and NFT market. As stated on their website, Explora Chain’s main goal is to “ride a metaphorical train into the future”.

Similar to that of DogeBonk, one of their most attractive features is that users can earn passive income by staking Explora tokens. In addition to this key utility, participants will also be able to use the Launchpad to invest in creative projects as soon as they launch.

GM Wagmi (GM)

GM Wagmi (“Hello” / “We’re All Gonna Do It”), sharing the same desire to spread joy and positively impact the world. Inspired by co-founder Raj Gokal, GM Wagmi (GM) has become a popular way to greet others in the crypto space and is hailed by founders as more than just a greeting, but also as a way to bring people together. people.

Based on the Ethereum network, GM is an ERC-20 token and is different from DOBO in that it has no utility and belongs solely to the meme coin community. Perhaps due to its cheerful disposition, in its first month of launch, the GM token was elevated by members of the cryptocurrency community and continues to receive support. As with all meme pieces, including DogeBonk, community is critical to their success.


Doge Bonk (DOBO)

DogeBonk (DOBO) is a fully decentralized meme coin, combining utility and memes, with the community at the very center of its vision. DogeBonk seeks to make the world a happier place and believes this can be achieved through “creativity, kindness and selflessness”.

Hoping to build on the foundation of a static rewards system, DogeBonk (DOBO) will incorporate new features that will encourage holding and dull the desire for swing trading. One of their main utilities is that users can receive passive income through reflections simply by holding tokens: 50% of the total 10% tax on all transactions is shared among holders as static rewards . The reward received will depend on the amount of DOBO the user holds.

For the long-term benefit of its dedicated holders, DogeBonk wants to apply a burning method – reflections will be sent to the burning wallet so that small amounts of tokens are constantly burning, ultimately leading to a deflationary effect that increases the value of tokens held by users.

Please note that the above content is not financial advice and is intended for educational purposes only; it is important to do your own research before making investment decisions.

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Explora Chain (EXPL), GM Wagmi (GM) And Doge Bonk (DOBO) Tech Tribune France

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