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PARIS, Oct. 5 (Benin News / EP) –

Facebook announced new ways to personalize News Feed, which now lets you choose to “show more” or “show less” content from people you follow and communities on the social network.

The company seeks to offer publications more in line with the interests of its users, something it has been banking on for months with alternatives such as incorporating direct comments in the ranking of the news section.

This was announced last April, when she said she was going to run a series of tests to get more specific feedback from people on the posts they see, annotations she would use. to improve this flow.

Today, Meta announced two new buttons to show or hide Facebook posts, « show more there “less showwhich will appear periodically in the news section and will also be available in the menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

These options activate a machine-learning classification system capable of interpreting these signals, predict preferences and integrate them into a recommendation system.

Facebook believes that with these two buttons, users will be able to will be able to have better control over the experience they have on Facebook. and hope to implement them in the “reels” section in the near future.

The company also acknowledged that it was aware of the complexity of this system and pointed out that building an artificial intelligence (AI) model that can interpret interactions in order to personalize the proposed content proves to be a major challenge.

“There are instances where users like an article and then tell us they want to see less of it, which could mean they’ve seen enough content like this,” he said in a post. blog post.

To highlight the difficulty of creating a fair recommendation system, he gave the example of the case of the two scenarios confronted with the choice of the “Show less” option: by clicking on this button, the social network may interpret that the user does not want to see more content on a subject, but it is also possible that the user does not want see the posts of the person who shared it.

Finally, Meta pointed out that continues to explore new ways to help people personalize the amount of content they see in their News Feed from friends, family, groups, pages, or public figures they link to.

These tools, such as favorites, unsubscribing or reconnecting (to a previously unsubscribed user or group), are available in the “Preferences” section. food of the social network.

Recall that a few months ago, The Verge argued that Meta planned to change Facebook’s algorithm to prioritize interesting content based on popularity and topic, over content posted by other users. from the friends list.

Specifically, the company seeks to strengthen the “performance engine”, which focuses on recommending content in the “feed” based on its topic and popularity, without the need to resort to internet technology. prioritize content shared by other users.

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Facebook introduces “show more” and “show less” buttons to personalize the news feed – Benin News

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