France wins third place in the European cybersecurity challenge


For its fourth participation, France won third place in the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC), which was held on September 14 and 15, 2022 in Vienna. This European competition pitted 28 national teams made up of young ethical hackers against each other. See you in 2023 for the next edition which will take place in Norway!

For several years, France has participated in the ECSC, which brings together more than twenty European countries and their national teams made up of young ethical hackers, aged 14 to 25, at each edition. This challenge allows new European talents in digital security to measure themselves against each other, with various series of tests (cryptography, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, etc.). For several days, their skills and qualities were put to the test.

The players of the France team were selected during the France Cybersecurity Challenge (FCSC) organized by ANSSI, a competition based on the format ” Capture the flag » (CTF) consisting in solving several tests (crypto, reverse, Pwn, web, forensics, etc.) in order to earn points. The coaches have identified and selected the best profiles by taking into account their expertise, their talent, their human qualities and their sense of teamwork.

In fact, to support, train and prepare the team during the challenge, ISS professionals are chosen as the team’s official “coaches”. Like sports coaches, these coaches guide and support the players, advise them on the strategy to adopt for the prioritization of the challenges to be resolved, without ever, however, entering the field.

During this 2022 edition, France successfully won third place in the challenge, behind the German and Danish teams. Adorned with their enthusiasm, their determination and their good mood, the players of Team France distinguished themselves from day one by taking the lead and combining individual skills and teamwork.

Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI, congratulates the French team: ” It is thanks to its ability to be agile and united by facing each challenge that our Team France signs a new success in the European Cybersecurity challenge, by embodying our values ​​and participating in our influence at the international level. »

The European challenge in a nutshell

The overwhelming need for IT security professionals is widely recognized around the world. Faced with this skills shortage, many countries have launched national cybersecurity competitions for students, university graduates or even non-IT professionals, with the aim of finding new and young cyber talents. and encourage their players to pursue careers in cybersecurity. The European Cyber ​​Security Challenge (ECSC) builds on these competitions by adding a pan-European dimension.

The best cyber talents from each participating country are coming together this year in Vienna to connect, collaborate and finally compete against each other. Participants will have to solve a series of varied tests (cryptography, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, etc.).

The European Cyber ​​Security Challenge is an initiative of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). This year the competition is hosted by Austria.


The National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) was created by Decree No. 2009-834 of July 7, 2009 in the form of a service with national jurisdiction.
The agency fulfills the mission of national authority in terms of defense and security of information systems. It reports to the Secretary General for Defense and National Security, under the authority of the Prime Minister.


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France wins third place in the European cybersecurity challenge

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