Here’s how Apple will kill CAPTCHAs on iPhone

This month of June, during the WWDC conference, Apple presented the novelties of its ecosystem, which will be deployed later this fall. And among these new features is support for Passkeys, a cryptographic key system intended to replace passwords. But obviously, it’s not just the passwords that Apple will kill with the next versions of its operating systems. Indeed, the Cupertino company also wants to put an end to CAPTCHAs on its products.

“I’m not a robot”, it’s almost over!

All Internet users are familiar with these tests, which are regularly displayed on websites and apps. These are small tests imposed on the user, so that the latter proves that he is indeed a human and not a robot.

CAPTCHAs tests are a necessary evil, because if they harm the user experience, they help protect sites and apps from malicious actors who could carry out attacks using bots.

Apple, however, has a solution that would prove that the user is not a robot, while protecting mobile sites and applications.

An important new feature on iOS 16

As reported by the MacRumours site, among the new features of iOS 16, there is a new option that will allow you to bypass CAPTCHAs tests. In the iPhone settings, the user will be able to enable automatic verification which will allow iCloud to privately verify the device as well as the user’s account.

“Don’t get caught up in CAPTCHAs! Private Access Tokens are a powerful alternative that helps you identify HTTP requests from legitimate devices and people without compromising their identity or personal information.we read in the description of a video sessions that Apple published on its site for developers, and which describes this new feature.

On the user side, if automatic verification is activated, they should no longer be bothered by CAPTCHAs, since Apple will be able to confirm to the website or app that it is not a robot. , and all without transmitting personal data.

A feature that should quickly be adopted by developers

For this to work, of course, the functionality must be supported by the site or application visited. But the good news is that according to MacRumours, Cloudflare and Fastly will support this new addition to Apple’s ecosystem. And thanks to that, millions of app and website developers are expected to adopt the new solution.

As you probably already know, after the presentation of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple launched a first beta for the developers of these two operating systems. And the automatic verification would already be activated by default on these test versions. In addition, Apple would also plan to offer the same device on the next version of the Mac operating system, MacOS Ventura.

As a reminder, after the launch of the developer betas this June, Apple will launch the public betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura in July, which will allow more people to test the novelties.

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Here’s how Apple will kill CAPTCHAs on iPhone

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