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Bitcoin has consistently grabbed the headlines as a highly lucrative, reliable and active investment payment system with a global following. It has facilitated transparent, secure and relatively cheaper cross-border transactions. Additionally, Bitcoin is now considered an independent asset class, traded on major financial markets around the world.

Bitcoin primarily serves as a means of payment and a store of value. However, it is also driving significant innovations across multiple industries, thanks to its blockchain technology. Although the Bitcoin network has yet to experience critical operational issues, the increase in mass adoption has heightened the need for further development.

A constant evolution

Bitcoin attracts many organizations, businesses and people daily. Some use it to trade cryptocurrencies for profit. Cryptocurrency exchanges use sophisticated tools such as bitcoin Era EN and bots to analyze the markets and improve the trading experience. Merchants have also adopted it in their payment systems, allowing customers to pay for their goods and services with Bitcoins.

Institutional investors also accumulate large holdings of bitcoins to protect their wealth from inflation. The diverse applications of Bitcoin and the growing number of users around the world make the constant development of the network imperative.

The Bitcoin protocol has undergone some changes over the past decade. For example, Satoshi Nakamoto fixed some bugs that users complained about in its early days. In 2017, the network also introduced various scaling options that most users had suggested over the years. These actions prompted a change in the Bitcoin code to increase block capacity and discourage opinions from forming an alternative Bitcoin blockchain, known as Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin developers are also constantly working on improving features, such as enabling sidechains or improving information exchange. The network is also experiencing minor bugs and compatibility issues that require constant attention.


The 2017 improvement, SegWit (Segregated Witness), changed Bitcoin’s block capacity, increasing the number of transactions that can fit in a block by extracting signature data from Bitcoin transactions.


The Taproot is one of the biggest improvements to the Bitcoin protocol since the block capacity change in 2017. The update includes three different proposals. However, it mainly introduced a new signature scheme known as Schnorr to help Bitcoin transactions become more efficient and private. Bitcoin users can also leverage the signature scheme to execute complex smart contracts.

Taproot’s update went into effect in September 2021, causing Bitcoin’s price to rise to an all-time high of $69,000. However, its most significant impact has been to allow the Bitcoin network to process more smart contracts, thereby increasing its competitive advantage. It also enhances privacy protection by hiding the transactions made on the cryptonet. In addition, optimizing block capacity also has the effect of reducing transaction fees.

The Taproot update indicates that Bitcoin’s real-world applications are constantly evolving. This greatly increases Bitcoin’s value proposition and drives its mass adoption around the world.

To look forward

Although most people perceive Bitcoin as a perpetual machine that keeps running, we should also think about the work required to maintain this machine. Recent changes have impacted transaction flexibility and lower costs, which would likely support the development of De-Fi (decentralized finance) and Bitcoin NFTs. It could also pave the way for new technological advancements for the Bitcoin network.

Continuous development is essential to maintain the resilience of the Bitcoin protocol and to make it more efficient over time. Although any Bitcoin user can propose changes to the Bitcoin protocol, implementation depends on consensus.

Like all technologies, Bitcoin requires constant updates and development to operate effectively and meet changing user demands. Bitcoin users should follow crypto news and events to learn about new advances and implement them.

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How Bitcoin Development Is Evolving | icilome

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