How to Protect Your Crypto Investment With Sun Crypto App

The old methodologies have been replaced by the new ones. From data stored in physical books to digital ledgers or so-called “blockchains”, the world has come a long way.

Modern times see currencies going digital. Suddenly we see a cry for Bitcoin, Alt coin, Meme coin, Doge coin and other such cryptocurrencies. The change – enough to cause a revolution, but the need for safety and security remains pretty much unchanged and untouched, much like historical times. The world has gotten smarter, but the ways to hack it are also smarter.

So how do we protect our investment? What are the points we need to consider while using crypto investment apps, answer Umesh Prajapati and Pramod Yadav – the founder and co-founder of SunCrypto, a crypto-based company in Jaipur.

Maximum security

Safety has always been a major concern for humans. There are tools to make cryptocurrency trading safer and much easier. Applications are available with just one click. But one must be vigilant enough to verify that such applications are not bogus. There have been instances where people have lost their money with such fake apps and scams. SunCrypto is an original application with such features that make it much more secure and reliable, says Pramod.

At SunCrypto, the investment journey can start with a simple sum of 100 and we give our investors the opportunity to choose the currency they prefer from the wide range of more than 150 cryptocurrencies available on our exchange portal, he adds.

The only requirement is a simple KYC approval, which only takes 24 hours with us. We have an extremely easy-to-use interface and users can trade cryptocurrencies without revealing their personal information or risking their privacy, it states further.


“SunCrypto was born with the vision of simplicity and ease of use. With such a vision in mind, we have made sure that our users don’t have to experience any kind of complications while using the SunCrypto app, says Umesh.

Sometimes, in the middle of complicated jargons, the user gets confused and ends up with the wrong profession, or with the disclosure of his personal information. This can become disastrous for the financial health of the user.

“The application of SunCrypto is extremely simple and straightforward. We make sure that in no case the user encounters difficulties in his operations. In case of difficulty, they can contact us. We have 24/7 support tickets and dedicated call lines for our users. We also have an insurance policy for them,” adds Umesh.


Their security system is a three-tier security system. This system also makes their application secure.

– The first is the ID password

– The second is OTP

– And the third one is M-Pin

“These verifications at various points have been designed to provide our users with nothing but the best possible security of their crypto investment with the SunCrypto app,” adds Pramod.

“Our payment gateways are secure and the security technology is regularly updated,” says Umesh.

The intention behind the SunCrypto application is to provide its users with a genuine and secure application, where their investments cannot go to waste.

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How to Protect Your Crypto Investment With Sun Crypto App

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