Huobi Integrates Web3 and Blockchain with Ivy Blocks

Web3 is a booming industry that is attracting more and more attention. Although recent, this market offers many opportunities that everyone wants to seize. Business or individual, everyone is looking for the best way to take advantage of the resources it offers. In this quest for power, Huobi enters the sector and launches an investment branch based on decentralized finance.

Is Ivy Blocks the best way for Huobi to integrate Web3?

As the crypto industry grows uncertain, investors are looking for a way to salvage their capital and stay in the game. Obviously, this does not only concern individuals since many companies have started doing it. Crypto exchanges are not on a leash as recently Huobi announced plans to integrate blockchain and Web3 through a new investment arm.

Huobi is a platform that needs no introduction. L’crypto exchange Seychelles-based Chinese has proven its worth for a long time. For almost 10 years, it has proven its effectiveness in terms of trading volume and services. However, each company is called upon to evolve, and that is what Huobi intends to do. When being one of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges is no longer enough, researching other markets becomes arguably the best solution.

The platform recently announced the launch of its new investment branch named Ivy Blocks. In its intention to enter new markets, Huobi creates a branch whose main mission is to identify potentially successful projects to nurture and incubate. Its area of ​​action is decentralized financing and Web3.

To carry out its project, Ivy Blocks will have several billion dollars at its disposal. According to statements from Huobi’s PR, this war chest will be needed to take advantage of opportunities in global crypto markets. But it doesn’t stop there! Indeed, Ivy Blocks will launch three core services to consolidate its growth or seed stage. These services will include a research-based crypto platform, an innovation-focused incubation division as well as a DeFi platform. However, only companies under the wing of Ivy Blocks will be able to take advantage of it.

What if we increased the financing power?

The best ideas don’t always come to fruition. Financing plays an important role in the development of a business. Financial support is sometimes essential when it comes to seeing an idea or a project through. Faced with the inconvenience caused by the lack of capital, Huobi thinks it has the solution: the launch of a Web3 and blockchain-based investment arm.

The design of Ivy Blocks has as its main mission to support startups and portfolio companies of the company. To do this, its goal is to provide them with the economic support necessary for their development. For Lily Zhang, CFO of Huobi, the financial support of the new company will help create an inclusive Web3 ecosystem.

The company seems well launched since it already has a lot of capital. With more than $1 billion in assets under management from incubated companies, Ivy Blocks hopes to solve the problems that many promising projects are experiencing. With this decision Huobi joins other exchanges that had already taken the plunge. In this case, Binance, which launched Binance Labs on June 3. With input from Capricorn Finance, a market maker built on the Cube blockchain, there is no doubt that Ivy Blocks will achieve its goals.

The integration of Huobi into Web3 is a development plan that will undoubtedly allow it to reach new markets. The crypto industry is getting rough and reviews are pretty mixed. With the creation of Ivy Blocks, the platform hopes to solve some problems that promising projects have. It only remains to hope that she will carry out her projects and that she will be able to keep her promises.

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Huobi Integrates Web3 and Blockchain with Ivy Blocks

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