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By Ankita Singh

Published: Fri 15 April 2022, 11:53

There is no doubt that the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin, however, there are several thousand “altcoins” or alternatives to Bitcoin and all of them claim to be worthy of your investment. You are probably wondering by now, “if Bitcoin is number one, why does it have alternatives in the first place?” Indeed, altcoins are not necessarily meant to replace Bitcoin, as each altcoin has its unique purpose and attempts to improve Bitcoin’s technology.

For example, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, allows people to build certain types of applications that cannot use bitcoin to facilitate its network, simply because bitcoin is not compatible with the network infrastructure. ‘Ethereum. As a result, Ethereum has its own cryptocurrency or “native” called “ether” which is today the largest altcoin in the world. Before heading to a crypto exchange to buy ether, here’s how you can identify other valuable altcoins yourself.

There are several coins that will build hype to sell their tokens, without attempting to address the “real” issues. Such crypto projects may not be widely adopted because typically, actual use cases of crypto projects and their coins attract entities such as banks, governments, and corporations, who then legitimize the project. Coins in these projects tend to increase over time and are widely considered valuable long-term assets.

Know the difference between coins and tokens

There are a lot of choices to make before you start investing in crypto and knowing the difference between coins and tokens can help you make informed decisions. Some cryptocurrencies are called coins because they have their own network of transactions that are handled on their own blockchain. Tokens, on the other hand, represent a crypto asset that resides on an existing blockchain. Today, there are two types of tokens; the most common is a utility token – meant to fund their projects or allow people to perform an action on a network. Whereas, a security token represents a stake in a company and entitles its holder to a share of the profits.

An easy way to understand the software of a cryptocurrency

A quick check on the type of software a crypto project is running on can help you understand the investment risks of your crypto of choice. The most valuable coins run on open-source software or computer programs that many people collaborate on publicly. The codes of this software are open for inspection and anyone can check and verify them. Sometimes these codes are hidden, which can create opportunities for unethical coders to easily manipulate the price of the coin. In other words, projects with dubious software can create security issues, especially when large funds are involved.

Understanding a Coin’s Market Cap

Market capitalization is a very simple number that represents the total value of certain cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin market capitalization is the total value of all bitcoins in the world and includes all bitcoins ever created. Large market caps generally indicate how established a cryptocurrency is and provides an indicator of the interest there is globally in one cryptocurrency or another. The biggest tokens to date have large market caps like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, USD coin, Terra and others. In other words, it shows how much money – or value – the world is investing in a cryptocurrency.

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In Which Crypto To Invest Other Than Bitcoin? – News – Tech Tribune France

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