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Women have always been under-represented in the financial field.

There are many phrases that women will hear throughout their lives, however, one of the most common is the idea of ​​growing up and “marrying a rich husband”. He pushes the idea that women shouldn’t sue financial independence, and that men should be the ones who manage and grow their finances.

It’s a simple idea, but it completely explains the overwhelming dominance of men over financial sectors.


When young girls are discouraged from going into finance, it means that in the future, fewer women will be inclined to go into it. It’s a constant cycle that can only be broken by showing women the potential they have in finance. It’s here that crypto Between.

With Xchange Monster’s (MXCH) equal ratio of men and women in their management team, equal anonymity, the Opportunities presented to women to make a name for themselves in crypto is vast. However, whether women benefit more from being known or from being anonymous in the crypto space is an angle worth exploring.

Does anonymity level the playing field? Or is being doxxed present Opportunities for inspiration?

Anonymity as equality

One of the biggest draws of cryptocurrency is the choice of anonymity. Other than wallet addresses, there is no built-in way to discover an individual’s identity when interacting with blockchain technology, which means that unless an individual chooses to doxx themselves, their identity will never be known.

This is the case, to date, of many big names in the crypto. Even the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), the first and most successful cryptocurrency on the market, has a creator whose identity is unknown.

With this level of anonymity even at such a high degree of notoriety, for women looking to get into finance while avoiding the sexism they may face due to their gender, the anonymity of crypto can be very appealing.

With anonymity, everyone is placed on an equal footing, which means that all opportunities for financial gain are equalized. A female crypto investor cannot be underestimated, because how would anyone know she is female?

Doxxed teams in a new frontier

On the other side of the argument, some may say that by being known in the crypto space, there is a statement to be made: that crypto is not like financial ecosystems of the past, and that women in space should be celebrated, and should not need to hide behind the veil of anonymity.

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Take the team behind Monster Xchange (MXCH), for example. Their team, which is fully doxxed, includes two women on their four-person team, including chief compliance and risk officer Linzi McHardy-Sanders and chief financial officer Jaclyn Strul.

Be part of a team with more than 40 years of experience in finance and technology, Monster Xchange (MXCH) is a platform with a bright future ahead of it. Taking the unique angle of being a crypto game hosting platform as well as a crypto exchange, the platform aims to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and gamers, while providing game developers the ability to monetize their games for massive potential gains.

With the success that Xchange Monster (MXCH) should get, having a doxxed The team, where women play such a crucial role, acts as a message to other women that they have a space in crypto. Women may be the backbone of some of the scene’s most anticipated projects, and these projects wouldn’t be the same without them.

So for gamers and crypto enthusiasts looking for an innovative platform that supports community interactivity and financial autonomy, be sure to check out Monster Xchange (MXCH).


Whether a woman chooses to be anonymous or doxxed in the crypto space is a choice she and she alone should make. Anonymity provides security and puts women on an equal footing in spaces typically dominated by men.

However, by being known, these women act as inspirations to others, to show that women can have a presence in crypto, and that presence is positive. It shows women deterred by what they hear that finance is a choice for them, and that in the digital age, they will be welcome.

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Anyway, with cryptography, women have more power in finance than ever before.

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Is Anonymity In Crypto Creating New Avenues For Women In Finance? – CryptoMode – Tech Tribune France

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