Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Lightning Network Plan, Pre-Crash Crypto Excitement, Cryptopia Liquidator Sells DOGE + More News


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Adoption News

  • To be determineda bitcoin (BTC)-focused subsidiary of the payments company run by Jack Dorsey To blockwill begin building infrastructure for the Lightning Network, Nick Slaney, Product Design Engineer at Block, said. “Our goal is to not only build the tools and infrastructure we need for our products, but also to be additive to the Lightning Network ecosystem as a whole,” he noted, adding that they were planning to develop and share this project with the community, and they will post jobs for this initiative in the near future.
  • On-demand service network Splyt announced a partnership with crypto exchange Binance to offer ridesharing services and experiences within the Binance app and pay for them in crypto.
  • The French government Olympic Games the envoy recommended the widespread deployment of blockchain ticketing and other enhanced security protocols following last month UEFA Champions League final in Paris, according to Ticketing Business News. The tickets would be based on blockchain technology to prevent ticket fraud, in that they would only be active within a virtual perimeter and corresponding to the site’s security perimeter, according to the report.
  • Romania National Institute for Computer Research and Development in Bucharest (ICI) announced that work is underway to build an institutional NFT market and a decentralized domain name system (DNS/TLD) based on the Elrond Network (EGLD) blockchain.

Investment News

  • A crypto survey by Bank of America (BofA), covering 1,000 current and potential users of crypto and crypto exchanges in the United States, showed that 91% of respondents said in early June that they would buy crypto in the next six months, according to Business Insider – the same percentage as those who said they had purchased in the previous six months. Most respondents were short-term investors, with 77% saying they had held crypto for less than a year.
  • Crypto Gaming Guilds DAO Circle of Merit and Yield Guild Games (YGG) announced that Merit Circle will acquire YGG and Clever funds allocation for $1.75 million. As reported, after an initial $175,000 investment by YGG in Merit Circle last year, the latter guild’s community offered to repay the investment, complaining of a “lack of value” received from investors. Now guilds say YGG has brought more value to Merit Circle than is overtly visible through advice, introductions and opening up new opportunities.
  • Digital Asset Venture Capital Studio ScienceMagic.Studios announced that it has raised $10.3 million in pre-seed investment. The company will advise and create digital assets (e.g. NFTs and social tokens) for brands, talent and their communities, and the funding will help the company scale as it encounters interest, they added.

Trade news

  • Grant ThorntonNew Zealand’s Collapsed Crypto Exchange Liquidator Cryptopyannounced that they had converted the equivalent of 5 million NZD (3.12 million USD) of dogecoin (DOGE) into fiat currency “to cover reasonable and incidental costs and expenses for the protection, preservation, recovery, management and l ‘administration’ of any crypto held by the company, by order of the High Court of New Zealand.
  • Crypto platform Zonda announced plans to enter the Italian market on June 15, with that decision to be led by new marketing director Barnabas Goh.

Regulatory News

  • Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, USA, plans to ask Kathy Hochul, the current governor of New York, to veto a bill passed by the state legislature that would impose a two-year moratorium on crypto mining that uses carbon. fuel in the state, Crain’s New York Business reported.

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Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Lightning Network Plan, Pre-Crash Crypto Excitement, Cryptopia Liquidator Sells DOGE + More News

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