Ledger diversifies and launches an NFT platform

The French unicorn Ledger has launched a new platform dedicated to trading non-fungible tokens (NFT). In addition to this, she launched the Ledger Quest program, which provides education on different aspects of Web3 through mini-games in the virtual world of The Sandbox (SAND).

The most secure NFT marketplace

The French physical wallet company is laying the foundations for Web3. During the biennial OP3N conference in New York, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier announced the launch of a marketplace dedicated to NFTs and offering these companies custody solutions for these non-fungible tokens. He also mentioned a range of products for educational purposes, focused on understanding Web3 and its security.

According to the release, Ledger Market will be “the only secure place to create and buy NFTs while securely interacting with this expanding world.” As expected from the global crypto-security giant, the focus is on transparency and security, which is not without this in a Web3 industry ravaged by the scourge of various scams.

In this register, Ledger clearly has the best assets to promote, in absolute terms and compared to other dedicated platforms which do not shine with levels of reliability.

“When it comes to NFTs, convenience currently trumps security and scams are everywhere. NFT brands and artists have no choice but to comply with major marketplaces with weak security standards. »

Ledger is a company focused on technology, but above all, focused on security. This is why their NFT market, in addition to being completely transparent, focuses on this.

With this marketplace, Ledger hopes to revolutionize the world of NFTs by providing a platform where users, creators and brands can interact with their digital assets while maintaining full control over their properties.

Thus, among the planned functionalities, it will be possible to store, create and distribute NFTs in a secure and transparent way. Ledger is a company known worldwide for its secure crypto wallets, which is why their new platform does not skimp on user protection.

A secure project with an educational scope

The project is based on three pillars to make it a success. First of all, Ledger has a great reputation around the world for its very secure crypto wallet.

Second, the platform aims to be accessible to everyone, from beginners to investors and brands.

Finally, and thirdly, Ledger Marketplace is an all-in-one solution that ensures you own and control your NFTs: from mining to storing or reselling them, and it works for all users.

If the user experience matters, we must not forget that the greed in our ecosystem often leads to hacking or phishing attempts.

On the other hand, Ledger also claims that 98.2% of NFTs on OpenSea have never received offers. Therefore, the platform intends to provide an accessible environment for beginners in order to provide opportunities for everyone.

If there is currently no release date, Ledger still announces a demonstration video and the possibility of registering on the waiting list.

Earlier this year, Ledger announced a partnership with The Sandbox (SAND) to advance Web3 education. During the conference in New York, the company provided more details on this subject by presenting “Ledger Quest”.

It is an educational platform integrated directly into the virtual world of The Sandbox, allowing learning through mini-games. Many Web 3.0 concepts are covered, and different tasks allow you to earn exclusive NFTs called Proof of Knowledge (PoK).

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Ledger diversifies and launches an NFT platform

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