macOS 13 Ventura is finally available

Apple releases a series of updates for its operating systems. Outraged iOS 16.1there is also iPadOS 16.1watchOS 9.1, tvOS 16.1 and macOS 13 aka Ventura. These are in particular the big updates for the iPad (without going through the iPadOS 16.0 stage) and the Mac computer which were unveiled last June.

Among the main new features of macOS Ventura are Internship Manager which is also found with iPadOS 16. The idea is to organize applications and open windows in order to facilitate multitasking and productivity. Stage Manager places the active app in the center of the screen, while other open apps are stored in a collapsed view on the left side.

Stage Manager makes it easy to switch between apps by clicking on an open app on the left side of the screen that refreshes automatically. It is also possible to create application groups and drag files into open applications in Stage Manager.

Continuity is obviously not forgotten

As always, it is impossible for Apple not to bring something new in terms of continuity to take into account its various devices. This time around, Group Policy is more unexpected with the photo module on the back of the iPhone to wirelessly replace the webcam of the Mac computer… and thanks to a dedicated support.

The Mac computer will be able to take advantage of Center Stage with the utra wide-angle of theiPhone (stay in frame during a video call), portrait mode, studio light to illuminate face and adjust background brightness. With Desk View, it is possible to display the user’s face and an overhead view of the desk at the same time.


Handoff additionally arrives in FaceTime to start a call on one Apple device and continue it on another nearby (Mac, iPhone or iPad).

Spotlight, Mail, Safari and more

In macOS Ventura, an overhaul concerns system preferences which become system settings with inspiration largely drawn from iPadOS. Spotlight benefits from evolutions with the quick consultation of the results of a file search by pressing the spacebar and access to more details for certain types of searches (artists, actors, films, TV series, companies and sports). The search supports images from a personal photo library and from the web.

The iCloud shared photo library is there to share photos or videos with up to 5 other people. The search in Email is improved to be more accurate and with more complete results, instant suggestions as you type each letter. The cancellation of an email a few seconds after sending, the programming of the sending of an email and reminders to come back to a message later are appearing.

The browser Safari is touted with the best energy efficiency for battery life. A feature of shared tab groups allows you to share sites with other people and see in real time which tabs they are viewing. A collaboration is integrated to be in contact by Messages or FaceTime.


Safari adds the Passkey technology (or Access Codes) for replace passwords online accounts by cryptographic keys and biometric data embedded in the device. A Passcode can be created with Touch ID or Face ID for authentication. A unique digital key only works on the same site. Syncing between devices for passkeys involves iCloud Keychain.

For macOS Ventura there is much more and for example Urgent Security Updates to apply security improvements faster, new features MetalFX Upscaling and Fast Resource Loading for Metal 3 graphics API and game video

macos ventura

Contributions will however depend on an Apple Silicon architecture or not. In absolute terms, macOS 13 is compatible with Mac computers from 2017 or later.

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macOS 13 Ventura is finally available

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