Mining crypto while playing on the console? Zilliqa’s crazy bet

Seduce through play – When you have been immersed in the crypto environment for a few months (years), you realize that theadoption, even if it is difficult, is being put in place, little by little. And Zilliqa proves it.

A console to play and earn cryptos at the same time

Despite the clichés that we hear on a daily basis, such as the fact that Bitcoin finances terrorism or that crypto is used exclusively to launder money, adoption is on the way. Every day we see new methods emerging to achieve democratizeput within reach of everything that can sometimes be complex to understand.

It’s a small additional step that will be climbed with the arrival of consoles open to the world of Web3. Anyway, that’s what we promise Zilliqa!

According to a survey that the company launched this year, the activity blockchain games literally exploded in 2021, with an increase of more than 2000%. So why not ride the wave?

Zilliqa has therefore announced the future launch of its console, intended to compete with Sony and Microsoft on the playing field in the living room! Intended for fans of games of the type play-to-earn where you can earn and redeem your tokens. The company therefore has the ambition to become the benchmark for this type of console.

A design in the air of Xbox

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A console with a crypto wallet

Equipped witha web3 wallet (which does not mean much in itself) and the possibility of mining cryptos, without knowing which ones yet, console aims to attract all those who like to win while playing. Thanks to a whole range of integrated and directly accessible games, the objective of this console is to allow you to play easily, without needing to be a specialist in cryptos and their modes of operation.

None of the technical specifications have yet been revealed, Zilliqa has just shared photos of its future star on which we see a USB-C port, an HDMI and DisplayPort connection, as well as 6 USB ports and an RJ45 socket.

Rear part of the console

A bright future ahead? Or a death already in suspense?

Certainly, the console is much less attractive than its competitors, but is it really a brake? The marketing budget is really not the same as what Sony was able to deploy for its PlayStation 5, we must not hide it.

But, for its manufacturer, what makes the attraction of this console is not its design, but its possibilities.

“Zilliqa’s hardware console and gaming hub will allow non-crypto natives to earn money, while playing fun games without the complexity of managing the crypto they earn.»

Valentin Cobelea, Game Technology Manager at Zilliqa

Does this argument will be enough to sell the consoles? No release date has been announced, nor any price for that matter, but for Valentin the newcomer will wreak havoc.

“With the support of Zilliqa’s large crypto community and easy-to-use infrastructure, we have no doubt that we can become the Steam equivalent for Web3 games.. »

Valentin Cobelea

Pre-orders will likely open at first quarter 2023which suggests a release the same year.

Does the argument ” Web 3 will be enough to seduce? When we know the image quality sought by today’s gamers, and above all what power the machines must have, does the newcomer from Zilliqa really have a chance of making its place on the console market? living room ? Verdict next year, maybe at Christmas!

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Mining crypto while playing on the console? Zilliqa’s crazy bet

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