Mining cryptocurrencies with your smartphone? It’s possible !

The concept of mobile mining is relatively simple: you use the SoC of your smartphone to mine cryptocurrencies. This can be done using an app, like MinerGate, and allows users to connect their devices to cryptocurrency mining pools.

What is Mobile Mining?

The first step in this process is to install MinerGate on your mobile device (iOS and Android are both supported). From there, you’ll connect your phone with a wallet address provided by the app. This can be done through any pool that supports mobile mining technology. Once logged in, you are ready to start earning cryptocurrency! You’ll just have to be patient while waiting for the rewards from the mining pools, as they aren’t instantaneous – it can take days or weeks, depending on how much resources you’ve dedicated to this task.

How to choose your cryptocurrency mining app?

Before you jump into cryptocurrencies and start mining, you will need to choose an app. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Choose a cryptocurrency that is popular and stable. Due to the volatility of the crypto markets, it is important to find an app that mines one of the most stable currencies (like Ethereum). A good way to judge which currencies are likely to be more successful is to look at their volume on reputable exchanges. You can also consult the list of the best cryptocurrencies by market capitalization or follow the bitcoin price in euro daily to get an idea of ​​the market and its developments.

  • Check the developer’s reputation and customer reviews. The best way to make sure an app isn’t messing with your phone’s battery or data usage is to check its reviews on Google Play and Apple’s App Store — or better yet, read what other people have said about it online before downloading anything yourself! It can also be worth asking on forums like Reddit if anyone has tried a particular mining app before deciding if it is trustworthy enough for you personally (remember not everyone is agree with everything posted there).
  • Make sure all permissions are legitimate (and explainable). If there seems to be something fishy about some permissions requested when installing one type of mining app over another, then think twice before installing it, especially if those permissions include access to location data or financial information stored in apps!


The outlook for mobile mining

If you are considering getting into the cryptocurrency mining, or if you have already started and want to know what the future holds for your investments, it is important to understand where mobile mining stands today. There are many options when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency mining app, but not all will be right for you.

Mobile phones can be used as an alternative way to mine tokens in two different ways: either using the phone’s processing power (CPU) or the “graphics” part of the SoCs (GPUs). Many apps allow users to run both simultaneously so they can earn more coins faster than before. This process works the same as with any other type of hardware device, such as laptops or desktop computers, since all devices have similar components that users can draw power from when performing tasks such as these online on their smartphone.

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Mining cryptocurrencies with your smartphone? It’s possible !

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