Moshnake, Algorand, and Shiba Inu: Crypto Projects That Could Blow Up in 2022

Do you like to play games? Since the dawn of time, people like to have fun. The types of games people like have varied.

In 1976 blockade, an arcade game developed by a British company, became very popular. In 1997, Nokia adopted this popular game in its mobile phones. Its integration in these mobile devices has helped the game gain more acceptance among other video games.

However, as mobile phones evolved into smartphones, many who once loved the snake game were gradually separated from their beloved game.

Currently, the world is focused on decentralization, Game-Fi services, blockchain technology and all the services that come with it. So new crypto developers Moshnake (MSH) have decided to integrate their new and improved snake game with blockchain technology.

Play and earn massive rewards from the Moshnake Game-Fi platform

The developers at Moshnake intend to capitalize on the large audience that the old snake game has managed to raise. Those people who might now be older have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite childhood game again.

Moshnake has new features that will make it more appealing to people of all ages. These features are made possible through blockchain technology.

Moshnake hosts its operations on Binance. With this decentralized network, it can offer anonymity to its players. Players in the Moshnake ecosystem do not need to reveal any personal information to play the game.

Its decentralized nature also means that m players have an equal chance of receiving rewards when playing the snake game.

Moshnake Gameplay

To participate in the Moshnake platform snake game, each user must purchase a snake. This snake will be a non-fungible token listed on the Moshnake NFT market.

Before a battle session begins, each player deposits a fixed amount of Venom Tokens to enter the Royal Arena. This virtual battle arena has loot and eggs that snakes can eat, earning rewards for its owner.

The player controls the snake with a pointer, and the snake grows longer and sees its skills and abilities increased with each egg it eats. When a snake attacks and kills other snakes, it consumes all the eggs and loots the dead snake.

At the end of the battle session, the winner takes all the loot earned in the royal arena and the prize pot or entry fee paid by both parties. The simplicity of the Moshnake game will be all it needs to thrive in the crypto space.

Moshnake next to Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been a meme coin project in the crypto space since 2020. Since its inception, it has reached new heights, briefly surpassing Dogecoin, the first meme coin. It runs on Ethereum, using its well-developed infrastructure and large crypto community to earn the title of “Dogecoin Killer”.

Shiba Inu’s functionality may have improved with the recently completed Ethereum merger. This upgrade removed the burden on Ethereum, making it very scalable and cheap. So, all Shiba Inu users will appreciate the features of its new proof-of-stake blockchain.

The expected growth for Moshnake will be greater than what Shiba Inu has experienced. Thanks to its Game-Fi integration, Moshnake will be ready to gain a blockchain-based platform.

Like Shiba Inu, Moshnake will leverage the huge fan base the snake game has won and the growing Game-Fi industry to become a multi-billion dollar crypto project. Its users will also gain massively from the growth of its ecosystem.

Moshnake vs. Algorand

Algorand is not a Game-Fi platform. Rather, its creation aimed to solve the high power consumption associated with popular proof-of-work blockchains. Its developers have created a proof-of-stake protocol powered by ALGO, its native cryptocurrency.

The Binance Smart Chain network that hosts Moshnake is a proof-of-stake blockchain. This means that its users will appreciate the features of a proof-of-stake platform. Features such as staking and stake-to-win rewards will be regular features of the Moshnake ecosystem.

Buy Moshnake Token Today

The Moshnake presale portal has been activated for purchase. Purchasing the Moshnake presale requires you to have a crypto wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens. It can be Metamask or Trustwallet.

You need to fund this wallet with BNB, ETH or USDT tokens to pay for the presale. Visit the presale portal at and connect your wallet. Indicate the number of MSH tokens you are going to buy and approve the transaction. Moshnake is a crypto project with huge promise and features. Its utilities will help it become the Game-Fi with the most players. Buy its presale today to take advantage of its advantages.

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Moshnake, Algorand, and Shiba Inu: Crypto Projects That Could Blow Up in 2022

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