Nervos Network Cryptocurrency (CKB): Protocol Update

Nervos is a blockchain network made up of different layers including two main ones. The first layer (Layer 1) incorporates a check that acts as an intelligent supervisor. The second layer (Layer 2) helps ensure privacy and strong performance about transactions. The Nervos Network (CKB) cryptocurrency represents the public blockchain as well as the first layer. The core team of the Nervos network is gradually approaching one of the most important milestones of their roadmap for this year. Let’s learn about the significant protocol upgrade of the Nervos Layer 1 network.

Nervos announces its 2022 roadmap

Still little known to the general public, the Nervos cryptocurrency is an open-source blockchain environment. Nervos CKB (Common Knowledge Base) represents the first layer and allows the storage of any cryptocurrencies. The blockchain provides security, access for all and immutability. In addition, the network allows smart contracts as well as scaling through a second layer protocol.

Nervos cryptocurrency roadmap

Since its creation, the Nervos network has made great strides in terms of growth. The year 2021 was marked by important releases including the launch of Godwoken. As well as other large-scale projects, with more flexibility and accessibility are still in progress for the year 2022.

This year, Nervos Network is planning further enhancements to the layers of Layer 1 and Layer 2. In terms of interoperability, the Nervos community is expanding its reach with additions of bridge with new channels.

The Nervos network continues its cutting-edge cryptocurrency research to improve cryptocurrency technology. blockchain for greater openness to the entire sector. These efforts are focused on developing a multi-chain option. Thus the latter will become a large platform with a diversified ecosystem.

An essential protocol upgrade

The new version of the main network (Mainnet) will be called “Mirana”. This update important of protocol, will give way to new features:

  • The set of cryptographic instructions
  • The expandable block header
  • Version control for virtual machines
  • Ability of smart contracts to be compounded
  • New, more efficient forms of cryptography

Several library updates have taken place. Note that all consensus rule changes have been discussed and activated on Aggron Tesnet since October 2021.

Updates for the full launch of the mainnet upgrade by partners are due on May 10. A migration guide helps ensure the building of nodes, wallets, exchanges, L1 dApps as well as miners. CKB token holders do not have to perform any specific action.


Nervos Network is pushing the boundaries of Blockchain innovation by announcing a major protocol upgrade. The latter will make Layer 1s more powerful and competent thanks to new functionalities, in particular thanks to the set of cryptographic instructions and many other advantages.

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Nervos Network Cryptocurrency (CKB): Protocol Update

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