Our top 3 cryptocurrencies to buy before the return of the Bullrun in 2024 – The ₿log

The bullrun is a market phase characterized by a general and significant rise in cryptocurrencies. It is therefore an opportunity to obtain profits on its investments, provided that you prepare for it now. We therefore suggest 3 projects to buy to take advantage of this upcoming increase.

Why the bullrun in 2024?

Three hypotheses support the forecasts on the return of the bullrun in 2024. These are:

  • reducing inflation
  • the growing development of the DeFi ecosystem
  • the bitcoin halving

First inflation. For several months, this has been a major concern for the rulers of all countries and central banks have been trying to control it by increasing their key rates, ie the price at which they lend money to commercial banks. This is a technique intended to reduce the supply of money in circulation and therefore inflation.

For the moment, it encourages institutional investors to turn away from assets considered risky like cryptocurrencies, but the imminent end of these measures could mark a return and a strengthening of the exposure of investors to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

For its part, the DeFi ecosystem could be characterized by a strengthening of the foundations of the projects and the arrival of new users who will stimulate a new dynamic. Finally, the halving or halving of the rewards granted to Bitcoin miners is the most important argument advanced by the supporters of a bullrun for 2024.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

The first project we are interested in is also the one that has been talked about the most for 72 hours. This is Tamadoge, whose native cryptocurrency TAMA was launched on OKX September 27th. Recognized as one of the most promising crypto projects of the year 2022, Tamadoge distinguishes itself from other memecoins by an accomplished design and precise objectives.

Developed on Ethereum, the TAMA token must indeed serve as a means of payment and reward in the Tamadoge ecosystem, which is a play-to-earn game. This game consists of each player creating an animal (dog) in the form of an NFT Tamadoge which will be fed, maintained and raised in order to participate in competitions.

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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a project that could also benefit from the arrival of the bullrun in 2024. The value of the ADA token has fallen from almost $3 in August 2021 to $0.43 at the time of writing, a price enough to make an investment important very low risk. If the token explodes on the other hand, the return could be huge.

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Ethereum (ETH)

The other project that could offer a high return in a few years is Ethereum. After The Merge, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world has earned a reputation as a low-carbon crypto project, as its energy consumption has decreased by 99.95% with the transition from proof-of-stake to proof-of-stake. ‘stakes. This argument can be decisive, especially for institutional investors, because of the importance of the theme of global warming.

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Our top 3 cryptocurrencies to buy before the return of the Bullrun in 2024 – The ₿log

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