QGestpass password and website management software

This password management software was initially developed for personal use and also for educational purposes to better understand the cryptography functions.
Given the number of passwords to manage on the different websites and to have one password per site, it was necessary to use a password manager while having access to the passwords on different computers and browsers. However, the solution for storing passwords on the cloud and commercial software did not suit us (NdM: the QGestpass team), it was decided to develop a specific solution dedicated to the creation and management of identifiers and passwords for websites.
It is not an application intended to protect sensitive data, but only to manage the connection to Internet sites.

QGestpass is developed in Qt C++ for Linux under GLPV3 license, and can therefore be easily compiled for other operating systems. The source code is available at sourceforge.net.

Only the Qt C++ source code is provided as an example that you can use after compiling it or partially integrate it into your applications.
Tested in Qt 5.15 version for Linux and MacOS.

The software allows the creation of website files with the password and user name.
Access to the site is made directly from the software which opens the default browser at the URL address recorded in the form. Usernames and passwords can be copied and pasted from the form into fields on the website.
Available fields allow you to record observations and a specific password, which will be stored encoded in a database with an encryption algorithm of the type AES 256.
Records can be sorted into folders.

The encoding mode
The software generates passwords which are not saved, but calculated with the function of cryptographic hash Keccak512taking into account the following elements:

  • a random string saved in a config file,
  • a master password entered when the program was launched by the user and not saved,
  • the data entered in the site file. The length of each password is defined when it is created on the form. Each password is unique, and defined only once for each record.

The data saved in the SQLite database and which is used to calculate passwords is also encoded with an encryption algorithm of the type AES 256 CBC.

Under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation GNU GPL version 3.0, this source code is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty or liability on our part of its use, you can use it, redistribute it or modify it.

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QGestpass password and website management software

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