Sectigo’s 2022 Identity-First Security Summit Attracts 900 Global IT and Business Leaders

ROSELAND, N.J., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sectigo®, a global leader in digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM), today announced that it hosted its first annual Identity-First Security Summit last week, attracting 900 leaders from the IT and business around the world. This three-day virtual event brought together industry experts, analysts, cybersecurity veterans, customers, partners, leading technology vendors and business leaders to discuss the future of trust and how participants can conduct their business in the future through an identity-centric approach to security.

“We are at a critical crossroads in this digital and remote world. We recognize that IT professionals face many new and dangerous security risks every day, as well as the challenges of managing the exponential growth of human and machine identities at scale. Our first annual Sectigo Summit brought together highly respected voices in the industry who face these same issues,” said David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor at Sectigo.

The summit included 13 keynote presentations and covered the hottest topics in the industry, such as the future of PKI and digital identity management, as well as why digital trust is fundamental to Zero Trust, password exemption, robotic process automation, and other emerging use cases. Sectigo also showcased new innovations that the company is about to bring to market for CA-agnostic CLM. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with speakers, collaborate and network with peers, ask questions, book one-on-one interviews with experts, and attend product demonstrations, all via Sectigo’s Identity-First Security Summit interactive virtual event platform, which has already been viewed nearly 5,000 times to date. Sessions are now available on demand from speakers such as:

  • Oded Hareven, CEO and co-founder of Akeyless
  • Jered Elder, Director of Growth at Corsha
  • Bruno Couillard, CTO at Crypto4A
  • Ihab Shraim, Chief Technology Officer at CSC Global
  • Erik Wahlstrom, Director of Identity and Access Management Research at Gartner
  • Dick Clarke, Founder and CEO of Good Harbor Security Risk Management
  • Christiaan Brand, Head of Identity and Security Products at Google
  • Atsushi Yamada, general manager of quantum-safe technologies at ISARA
  • Zaira Pirzada, Advisor at Lionfish Tech Advisors
  • Steve Riley, site technology manager at Netskope
  • Brian Reed, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint
  • David Mahdi, former Gartner analyst, strategy director and CISO advisor at Sectigo
  • Bill Holtz, CEO of Sectigo
  • Jason Soroko, PKI Technology Director at Sectigo
  • Tim Callan, Chief Compliance Officer at Sectigo
  • Lindsay Kent, VP of Product at Sectigo
  • Eric Kedrosky, Director of IT Security and Cloud Research at Sonrai Security
  • Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership at Sysdig
  • Simon Moffatt, Founder and Analyst at The Cyber ​​Hut
  • Kirk Fergusson, CEO of UREEQA
  • Joakim Thoren, CEO and Founder of Verasec
  • Kyle Neuman, Director of IT Security at Zeva

“Sectigo’s Identity-First Security Summit is a great opportunity to learn about digital identity and trust from industry experts and reflect on how you can apply this information to meet security requirements. of your business needs. At the summit, I delved into many topics of huge importance to everyone, such as password exemption and quantum computing. Plus, attendees receive CISSP credits, which is an added bonus,” commented Ivy Lyons, PKI expert and seasoned healthcare professional whose presentation was titled “Overcoming Security Challenges With Modern PKI Applications.” security through modern PKI applications).

The main conclusions of the summit include:

  • Security vendors must embrace openness and interoperability to enable orchestration and ultimately pave the way for automation for CSOs, CIOs, and their organizations.
  • The world needs digital trust, not Zero Trust. Zero Trust is just the first step on the journey to securing digital identities.
  • Always aim for total certificate agility.
  • A true passwordless architecture is based on a public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Proximity to data centers does not mean impenetrable protection. Running CLM in the cloud is the new normal.
  • Quantum computers are coming and they will render the cryptographic underpinnings of the digital world insecure. Partner with Sectigo for quantum computing resistant cryptography.

Summit registrations will remain open for 90 days. Register to access all on-demand sessions at

About Sectigo

Sectigo is a leading provider of digital certification and automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solutions trusted by the world’s leading brands. Its cloud-based universal CLM platform generates and manages the lifecycles of digital certificates issued by Sectigo and other Certificate Authorities (CAs) to secure every human and machine identity across the enterprise. With over 20 years of experience building digital trust, Sectigo is one of the oldest and largest CAs, serving over 700,000 customers, 36% of which are Fortune 1000 companies. For further information, please consult the website

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Sectigo’s 2022 Identity-First Security Summit Attracts 900 Global IT and Business Leaders

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