Securing consular services: The Cameroonian State chooses Palmarès R&D SAS

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(A mark of confidence granted to the Beninese Giresse Tela)

The Cameroonian diplomatic apparatus is modernizing and following international standards. This, through the endowment of a system for securing consular services, this April 1, 2022. And who better than the Société Palmarès R&D SAS of compatriot Girèsse Tela to initial this partnership contract relating to the design and production of securing and standardizing these consular services.

The Beninese Giresse Tela crowned by the Cameroonian state. Through the company Palmarès R&D SAS, which he manages, the Cameroonian State is acquiring a new architecture for processing consular services, which is now completely standardized, secure and compliant with international standards. Otherwise, as of June 2022, the country intends to issue biometric visas on secure stickers, as well as consular cards, laissez-passer, mortuary passes and many other tamper-proof solemn documents, both to the Ministry of External Relations only in Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts and Air, Land and Sea Border Police Stations. And, to achieve this, it is therefore on the Palmarès R&D SAS Company that the government of Paul Biya has set its sights. A renewal of confidence which confirms the leadership of the Beninese Girèsse Tela and his company, in this highly computerized field. In saying so, it is necessary to reveal that the system proposed by Impact Palmarès is the one already experienced at the Embassy of Cameroon in Côte d’Ivoire since September 2020, with regard to biometric visas. This clearly means that it optimizes and perfects the DIPLOMAT system developed by the Cell of New Technologies and Cryptography of MINREX, both in terms of security and in terms of data centralization. Better still, at the infrastructural level, the project includes the construction of a Data Center in Yaoundé for the storage and securing of data, and the deployment of appropriate state-of-the-art equipment both in Embassies and Consulates and at various points of entering the country. Clearly, it should be noted that this partnership is therefore aimed at modernizing the diplomatic apparatus and, among other things, improving the services offered both to the diaspora and to users of our services abroad, securing data personal, the optimization of consular revenue with better traceability of related operations… During the signing of the contract which mobilized a strong delegation from both parties, the Minister of External Relations, Mbella Mbella who affixed his signature on behalf of the government Cameroonian did not fail to express his satisfaction, in the light of this important stage in the digital development of his country. The first document that represents the State abroad is what the foreigner who must come to visit your country in his passport. And that is what will make it possible to restore the authority of the State from the issuance of a visa until its entry into the national territory”, insisted Girèsse Tela. This ten-year project is renewable.

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Securing consular services: The Cameroonian State chooses Palmarès R&D SAS

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