Ternoa and its token, CAPS, land on Bybit

This is something that was bound to happen, Ternoa announced yesterday that its native token, CAPS, is now available on the popular exchange Bybit. A major partnership could very well change the fortunes of one of the most successful French crypto projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

Bybit, a major exchange platform

The CAPS token from the Ternoa blockchain is now available on the Bybit platform. This new listing has significantly increased the visibility of the CAPS token.

Thus, CAPS trading on Bybit has been effective since Wednesday, March 30 at noon, French time. Thus, you can trade on CAPS/USDT pairs in ERC20 and BEP20 formats, which is a very rare detail that must be highlighted. On this occasion, Ternoa and Bybit are planning various events to highlight this new partnership. They therefore presented the project to the regulars of the platform.

As a result, CAPS will be distributed as rewards in social quizzes and buy-to-earn contests. For new users of the exchange, a one-time staking operation (up to $200) is possible. Offers with particularly attractive yields of up to 999% APY. The program runs from March 30, 2022 to April 28, 2022. This campaign lasts for 1 month and each user can wager up to 4,300 CAPS. It should be noted that this staking program supports up to 8,110,000 CAPS, so if you hold tokens, please do not delay the deposit

CAPS is already listed on more than 4 different DEXs as well as benchmark CEXs like AscendEX, Gate.io or Liquid. With this new introduction, Bybit is now part of the institutional support of the project. A recent listing ending a lightning-fast long-term strategic deployment. Because today, March 31, another major development awaits members of the bubbling community.

Ternoa is today a so-called “layer 1” blockchain network. On March 31, the network will finally be open to the public. An autonomous infrastructure that finds its source in reinforced and highly secure NFT technology.

A French project that deserves to be known

Originally a simple tool for transferring data over time, the famous time capsule has developed. In fact, Ternoa aims to add new utility to them, opening up a world of possibilities for its NFTs in the metaverse, games, music, and more.

Ternoa is a project by French startup Capsule Corp, which aims to provide a platform for storing and transferring data securely, with a focus on non-fungible token (NFT) storage. To this end, the project relies on the Polkadot blockchain and the native cryptocurrency CAPS of the Ternoa network.

The Ternoa Blockchain CAPS token plays many roles in the Ternoa ecosystem. In particular, it allows you to participate in the governance of the protocol, also to rent decentralized storage spaces on the Arweave, Sia and Storj networks, and even to buy NFTs on Ternoa’s native NFT platform, the SecretNFT marketplace.

As such, Ternoa Blockchain already has a rapidly growing ecosystem and numerous tools. For example, the Ternoa wallet app allows iOS and Android users to explore the web. The Ternoa Launchpad allows Dapps built on Ternoa technology to make themselves known and unite the user community from the first stage of development.

Indeed, each month the team welcomes new projects that wish to rely on Ternoa and its unique characteristics. You can also find them on the company telegram. An unshakable attitude that partly explains the success of the network, which until now was only in beta.

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Ternoa and its token, CAPS, land on Bybit

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