The leading role of the Chinese Communist Party

The reading of the report of the Central Committee presented by XI Jinping lasted 2 hours and could be followed live, aided by simultaneous translation. The whole world reacted hotly to the CCP’s global analysis. What we did, also, while waiting for official documents to study and understand.

On the eve of closing this huge exercise in collective intelligence, China flies from victory to victory and inspires confidence. At its head, Xi Jinping, who was part of ” educated young people that the CCP under Mao’s leadership sent to the countryside to grapple with the harsh realities of the deep country and prepare a new generation of cadres born of the permanent revolution.

The report highlights the dangers that lie in wait for the Party internally and takes stock of the struggles waged during the past decade against the abuses of the exercise of power. We noted the proposed potion and the instructions for the treatment:

The Party must persevere in its self-revolution to ensure that it will never change its nature, belief or character, and remain the strong central leadership in building socialism with Chinese characteristics.. »

Fearing neither God nor the devil, we must keep moving forward despite the pressures and difficulties, coordinate development and security, exert great efforts to overcome, in our forward march, the difficulties and challenges of all kinds, and open new horizons for our development thanks to our stubborn struggle“, did he declare.

Externally, the criticisms stem from the feeling of downgrading of Westerners who have no global alternative for the billions of inhabitants who claim to live as well as they do. We even saw a petition calling for the closure of Confucius Institutes. It’s in the same vein as Nancy Pélosi’s trip to Taiwan. Desperate people of the ending world.

The upheaval of the world.

This avoids thinking about the impact of the South African President’s trip to Saudi Arabia or his refusal to listen to the Americans. For the first time, the United States is isolated from the oil powers of OPEC+ which are developing exceptional relations with China. Imagine the earthquake caused by the payment in Yuan of purchases of Saudi oil. All that is missing is for the next BRICS summit to accept this country’s membership.

On the technological level, the media spoke a lot about the Nobel Prize awarded to 3 physicists for their work on “ quantum entanglement “. In reality, China is the most advanced country in this area. On August 15, 2016, she launched the first quantum satellite. A year later, Chinese scientists achieve a quantum link from space.

The newspaper Les échos writes: “a decisive step towards an inviolable internet”. At the end of June 2020, an article from notes that “ China realizes the first secure communication by quantum cryptography based on entanglement from a satellite over 1120 kilometers. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a theoretically secure way to share secret keys between remote users. It uses cryptographic protocols based not on mathematical laws but on the laws of quantum mechanics. »

What the of July 2021 confirms: “ With Zuchongzhi, China (again) achieves quantum supremacy and this subtitle “A technological tour de force in an increasingly political field”. What will Taiwan do with its obsolete microchips?

One can understand the serenity that befits this 20th Congress.


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The leading role of the Chinese Communist Party

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