Top 5 Crypto News of Easter Week –

Crypto-Europe wrote an open letter to the EU, Ethereum developers were jailed and star investor Cathie Wood bid farewell to PayPal. This is the main news from the crypto sphere this week.

Another exciting week in the cryptocurrency space is coming to an end. The most important events for Bitcoin and the company at a glance.

Crypto-Europe writes an open letter to EU policy makers

The regulatory efforts of the European Parliament have resonated like a shockwave through the crypto sphere. An initiative is now being presented to European policymakers through an open letter written by Crypto Europe. Specifically, these are draft European regulations that have been heavily criticized in the crypto space for the Crypto Asset Markets (MiCA) and the Transfer of Remittances Regulation (TFR).

You can find more information and the open letter here.

Ethereum: its Developer goes to Jail

Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith was sentenced to five years in prison, fined $100,000, and then suspended for three years.

The crypto expert reportedly visited the North Korean capital in 2019 to talk about blockchain technology. Among other things, the possibility of money laundering will be an issue. Click here for a detailed article on Virgil Griffith.

Ethereum Proof of Stake delayed

Initially, the merger – merging the current Ethereum blockchain with the beacon chain based on the proof of work or proof of stake – was roughly scheduled for June. However, Ethereum developers might not meet the announced deadline.

Indeed, the project has been delayed, although it is reaching its home stretch after major advances. The Edubourse team will not fail to publish a news as soon as the deployment has been announced!

Celebrity Cathie Wood is giving up on PayPal

Their investment fund run by markets superstar Cathie Wood includes longtime Silicon Valley veteran PayPal, which has primarily tried to lure young customers through payment app Venmo.

Today, Ark Investments sold its entire stake in the payment services provider. Why ? The Competor Cash app has more potential than PayPal. Cathie therefore had to decide in favor of this young start-up and give up PayPal.

Note: Ark Investments is not the first fund to abandon PayPal despite the American giant’s attempts to make breakthroughs in crypto-currency payments. The group is finding it increasingly difficult to convince young investors of its ability to adapt in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

CME Group Incorporates More Cryptos into its Listings

Since 2017, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has offered derivatives through so-called futures contracts on the key cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Last year, the exchange expanded its product portfolio in the crypto space, adding Ethereum (ETH) futures.

The Chicago exchange manager now plans to offer new benchmark prices for other major altcoins. Thus, CME Group, a historical player in traditional markets, hopes to catch up with the accumulated delay concerning crypto-currencies. The latter are attracting more and more investment funds and institutional traders.

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Top 5 Crypto News of Easter Week –

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