Ukrainian Centralized Exchange Moves to Global Expansion Path, Plans to Release Metaverse

Centralized Exchanges (CEX) have come a long way since their arrival on the cryptocurrency scene, now becoming the most widely used platform for buying and trading digital assets. However, since their creation in 2010, the exchanges have evolved a lot; their teams now work with regulators, auditors, and user experience specialists to build institutional and public trust in blockchain technologies and their underlying cryptocurrency assets.

Although originally trusted intermediaries, these platforms have proven to be so much more, offering value in their guarantee of security and consumer protection while opening the door to host new tokens set. available to the public. In more modern events, some of these platforms have been further extended as a base for launching new apps and accessing the metaverse.

QMALL, a brand created by an international group of companies headquartered in Ukraine, rose to the challenge with the release of its own centralized exchange. The QMALLExchange, which has proven its value in improving the cash payment and accounting process, is transitioning from a regional to a global offering.

The team attributes this modern phenomenon to the platform’s ability to deliver convenience, good marketing, and delivering on strict promises of fulfillment. To this day, the strategy continues to be executed by the founders of the exchange, Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa.

Despite stiff competition from Asian exchanges, QMALL currently has over 150,000 active traders, just three months after launch. QMALL is creating its own metaverse, which is expected to launch by the end of the year. The platform plans to take a new direction as the first such metaverse exchange.

A fast track to global expansion

To obtain a regulated status, QMALL is registered as UAB QMALL in Lithuania, where it is recognized as a virtual currency exchange operator and custodial virtual currency wallet operator in accordance with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

With these licenses, QMALL effectively gets the green light for the exchange to expand to the Eurozone. As part of this global expansion, QMALL will soon add trading pairs that include the Euro while adhering to the strict transparency, data security and reporting laws put in place by local laws. The combination of these factors is said to boost overall brand trust. The founders believe that enabling trust in this way will encourage an influx of European users, increased interest in the exchange of crypto projects, and as a result, explosive demand for the project token.

In addition to the appropriate licenses, the team has partnered with Sophia Antipolis, Europe’s premier technology district and the French equivalent of Silicon Valley. Sophia Antipolis is now home to more than 2,500 companies on 2,400 hectares, where it hosts many startups and major global brands.

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Taking advantage of a more interconnected network, the company aspires to continue to develop its service and improve the accessibility of cryptocurrencies with Visa cards issued in June for Ukrainian users and in the fall for European users, in the goal of becoming the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange.

The largest launch pad in Europe

QMALL, which has only been around for six months, has since seen success with its growing community of 150,000 registered active traders, the launch of its app, and three successful rounds of token sales. The token was a top gainer on CoinMarketCap recently, where it rose 3,000% and continues to see an increase in value.

QMALL now joins the ranks of these major players with the relocation of an exchange office to the south of France, where the team plans to release the largest European launch pad for Ukrainian and European projects. The exchange plans to open representative offices in all countries of the European Union, creating an extensive network of support centers for crypto startups.

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Ukrainian Centralized Exchange Moves to Global Expansion Path, Plans to Release Metaverse

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