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Every year, dozens of new crypto virtual currencies are created and released online. While a large number of these disappear even before reaching recovery, some are promising in terms of their projects. To ensure that his investments in cryptocurrencies will bear fruit, all investors are on the hunt for promising cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will learn about some promising crypto virtual currencies you can invest in in 2023.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency also called “cybercurrency” or “cryptographic currency” is an encrypted virtual currency. It is accessible online and differs from fiat currencies by its independent character and its unparalleled functioning. Indeed, cryptocurrencies when they must be sent from one Internet user to another born do not require the intervention of any trusted third party. Because, operating on the basis of a so-called peer-to-peer system. Also, their emissions are clearly different from those of fiat currencies which are made by the central banks of the States.

Cryptocurrencies are created by mining the blocks that make up the chains of their blockchains. This will require many users to combine the power of their computers to work on each block simultaneously. As soon as a block is completely worked, the cryptocurrency blockchain distributes a given amount of the cryptocurrency to the miners. The amount redistributed per block may depend on the size of the block, its programming, etc.

However, the blockchain of some cryptocurrencies is nowadays difficult to mine. Because, these require very high machine powers. This is the case, for example, of the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s almost big computer firms that nowadays mine this encrypted virtual currency. To have it, you can buy it on online trading platforms such as the one you will find on this website immediate connect.

On what basis can you recognize a promising cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies in general are known for their high volatility. It is therefore not stability that determines whether a cryptocurrency is promising or not. To know if a crypto currency can pay off in the long term, you have to consider its project. Indeed, the cryptocurrency project is often unveiled on their official sites long before the launch of the currencies themselves. Thus, it is not recommended, for example, to invest in memecoins which are cryptocurrencies without real projects.

When you identify a cryptocurrency, you should get acquainted with the contents of his project. Is this one of great use for companies? Does it fit into the context of sustainable development and new market requirements? If the answers to these questions are positive, you can therefore deduce that this cryptocurrency is promising and can therefore invest in it.

Some promising cryptocurrencies you can invest in in 2023

If you want to invest in a promising cryptocurrency in 2023, you can choose:


Cardano is a much more favorable cryptocurrency for building decentralized applications. Created in 2015 by one of the co-founders of Ether, Cardano quickly became famous for its interest, which is favorable to the development of decentralized applications. If Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum project is a success and has even become the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, it is undoubtedly because of its importance in the development of decentralized applications. It is on a similar project that Cardano was founded, which aims to be the direct competitor of Ether. It is for this reason that this cryptocurrency is called the “Ethereum Killer”.

The Polkadot

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency created in 2017. It is one of the most promising crypto currencies because of its project. Indeed, this encrypted virtual currency allows the development of DeFi applications and protocols

You can also invest in cryptocurrencies like Ether, Binance coin, Bitcoin cash, etc.

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What are the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023? – Baron Mag

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