White House Biden predicts $10 billion in revenue from updates to crypto tax rules.

Administration Biden has just unveiled its economic plan for 2023, a few weeks after its first draft on the future of cryptocurrencies in the United States. The document, which is not final, specifically mentions the obligation of US residents to declare the digital assets they hold in accounts. offshoreas well as the taxation of cryptocurrency market price assessments.

A clearer regulatory framework on cryptos

Administration Biden recently released its 2023 budget. The budget totals $5.8 trillion with a deficit of $1.15 trillion, which contains some clues to the government’s long-term plans for cryptocurrencies.

Source: White House

Specifically, the White House’s proposal to modernize digital asset rules, primarily by expanding tax reporting requirements, would generate more than $10 billion in new revenue over the next 10 years.

These new requirements should allow US financial authorities to cast a wider net, including taxing those who hold digital assets in offshore accounts by encouraging them to report any financial investments over $50,000 in offshore accounts. Moreover, theTaxes for cryptocurrency holders will now be imposed based on mark-to-market valuation (MTM) of their assets. In other words, the person concerned will not be taxed on the increase in the actual market value rather than the purchase price of a certain cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of March, the President Biden issued an executive order on digital assets. Despite some initial concerns in the crypto industry, the order primarily commissioned research from a range of federal agencies, rather than calling for a broad crackdown.

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Fight against the use of crypto-currencies for illicit purposes

Elsewhere, the budget includes $52 billion in additional funding for the Department of Justice to hire more scanning officers and capabilities as part of the “strategy anti ransomware ” of the government. An initiative that “will focus on disruptive activities and combat the misuse of cryptocurrencies.”

In addition to the White House budget, the Treasury Department released a strategic plan for the next four years. According to the work, the plan highlights the role of the Financial Stability Supervisory Board in addressing “new and growing threats to financial stability, with a focus on risks related to climate change and digital assets.” “. This complements the Treasury Department’s work to expand the role of the FSOC in the cryptocurrency space.

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White House Biden predicts $10 billion in revenue from updates to crypto tax rules.

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