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The Aave token (AAVE -1.20%) is soaring again in today’s trading. The crypto-currency was up about 22.9% from the previous 24-hour period at 3:15 p.m. ET on Friday.

The digital token soared following the rollout of new features on the Aave blockchain network. Its cryptocurrency is now up 58.7% in the last week of trading.


Aave recently rolled out its network version 3 (v3) upgrade, introducing improvements for its decentralized finance (DeFi) services. Aave v3 introduced “portal” features that allow assets to be moved between any Aave-enabled blockchain. The update also introduced Isolated Market Services and High Efficiency Mode to improve functionality and overall user experience. This may interest you: The price of Bitcoin briefly benefits from positive signals regarding the Russia / Ukraine crisis.. These improvements seem to be attracting the attention of some crypto whales and crypto investors in general.


Aave now has a market capitalization of around $3.5 billion and ranks 47th among cryptocurrencies by valuation. This may interest you: What you need to know about Ripple and its cryptocurrency XRP in 2022.

With the new enhancements and feature rollouts, Aave’s fundamental valuation case appears to be improving and driving increased investor interest in the token. If its network continues to improve and grow the user base of its DeFi services, it could help push its cryptocurrency significantly above current price levels. However, investors should keep in mind that the token will likely continue to be impacted by price movements in the broader crypto market, and it could experience volatile price swings unrelated to the network’s underlying services.

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Why Aave cryptocurrency is skyrocketing today. – Mag Mirror

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